Ramadan Timetable and Details

Greetings once again from the exciting world of your UAS Middle School!!! WOOHOO!!!

As you are well aware Ramadan will begin in the coming week, and I wanted to share some points regarding our daily timetable and what students/parents can expect during the last 3½ weeks of school this year.

Time Table

The adjusted Ramadan Timetable for the UAS Middle School will be as follows:

Period Start Time Ending Time Length
Period 1 8:30 9:10 40
Period 2 9:15 10:00 45
Homeroom + Break 10:05 10:25 20
Period 3 10:30 11:15 45
Lunch 11:15 11:55 40
Period 4 12:00 12:45 45
Period 5 12:50 1:30 40

Students who are not fasting will be allowed to eat in the cafeteria, but will be asked to not consume food or water in school hallways/classrooms, or in any outside area.  In order to keep students safe from the excess heat and humidity, all outside play areas will be closed beginning May 28, and no students will be allowed to play football on the pitch or basketball on the outside courts. Students will be allowed to be outside if they wish, but they will not be allowed to exercise or play sports. We will make inside air conditioned spaces (classrooms) available for those students who are fasting.

In addition to the time table information listed above, I am glad to share 10 tips/points about Ramadan as presented to the staff by the UAS Islamic and Arabic departments:

  1. Ramadan is a special month of the year for over one billion Muslims throughout the world, beginning with the sighting of the new crescent moon. It is a time for inner reflection, devotion to God, and self-control. Muslims think of it as a kind of tune-up for their spiritual lives, and the third “pillar” or religious obligation of Islam.
  2. The month of Ramadan is a happy occasion; it is the month that the Muslim holy book, the Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Muslims are called by their religion to celebrate the month by coming together in worship, fasting each day for thirty days from dawn until sunset.
  3. During Ramadan, Muslims fast from dawn to sunset. This means not consuming food or drink, including water, during the daylight hours. Smoking is also forbidden during fasting.
  4. Muslims arise early in the morning during Ramadan to have a pre-dawn breakfast meal, known as “Suhoor”. At the end of the day, the fast is completed by taking the “Iftar” meal, which usually includes dates, fresh fruits, appetizers, beverages and dinner. Later in the evening, Muslims attend special night prayers called “Taraweeh” at their local mosque.
  5. Ramadan is also a time of intensive worship, reading of the Qur’an, giving charity, purifying one’s behavior, and doing good deeds. As a secondary goal, fasting is a way of experiencing hunger and developing sympathy for the less fortunate, and learning thankfulness and appreciation for all of God’s bounties.
  6. Not only does fasting have spiritual benefits, but abstaining from food periodically will aid the body in cleansing itself from impurities. Fasting allows the body to rid itself of poisonous substances that can lead to serious illness and disease.
  7. The good that is acquired through the fast can be destroyed by: the telling of a lie, slander, denouncing someone behind his back, a false oath, or greed. These are considered offensive at all times, but are most offensive during the Fast of Ramadan.
  8. Fasting is not an excuse. Although energy levels might be low, the point of fasting is not to slack off from other duties and responsibilities. Muslims believe they are rewarded for continuing to work during the fast. Therefore, fasting does not excuse students from completing their school work or taking assessments as planned.
  9. Keep in mind that Muslims are fasting joyously, and in fact, Muslims wait the entire year to celebrate the Holy month of Ramadan.
  10. After the end of Ramadan, a very festive and joyous holiday is celebrated by Muslims, known as Eid-ul-Fitr, or the Festival of Breaking the Fast. On the day of the Eid, Muslims attend special congregational prayers in the morning, wearing their nicest clothes and perfumes. Muslims greet and hug one another, saying “Eid Mubarak”, which means “Holiday Blessings.” Muslim families visit each other’s homes, and have special meals together. Children are often rewarded with gifts, money, and sweets.

Assessments and Classwork/Homework

The last day of the school year for our students is June 20, and all students across the school will be dismissed @ 12:00.  Between May 28 and June 20, there is still curriculum to cover, and learning to measure.  While the shorter school days may bring about a reduction in the amount of homework/classwork – at the discretion of the teacher – there will still be assignments given, and assessments assigned.  I have asked the MS teachers to advertise assessments dates in advance, so that students (and parents) can plan accordingly.

Students Who Travel

Finally, if parents are planning to have their student leave prior to the end of the school year, please communicate with Ms. Lisa Scott in attendance, Ms. Hana in the MS office, and with individual teachers.  If students are absent, it is still their responsibility to complete school work and finish all assessments as assigned.  The best plan is to have your student be aware of all subject area assessment dates in order to avoid a mark of Incomplete “INC” on the quarter 4 and/or end of year report card.

I do hope this information is helpful for you and your Middle School student during Ramadan this year.   Please take good care and may peace be upon you.

The Incomplete (“INC”) Story

Greetings once again folks from the electrified world of your UAS Middle School!!! As the days get fewer and fewer, and as we race quickly toward the end of this school year, I wanted to take the time to explain our Summative Assessment Policy (SAP) and practice.

The goal of this assessment policy is two-fold: We aspire to hold our student accountable for completing all of their assessments, and we want to provide a grade (1 to 7) for all assessments completed.  In short, a student can no longer earn the mark of “0” for an assignment not yet finished.  In order for a student to earn a final grade that is posted on their report card, they must complete all of their assignments and assessments. If a student performs poorly they will earn a low grade.  If a student does not complete the assignment at all, then we cannot assign a grade because we have no evidence of what the student has learned, thus the student will earn an “INC”, or incomplete.

Our policy as last revised on March 14, reads as follows:

UAS Middle School Summative Assessment Policy

Students are expected to complete all summative assessments on time as prescribed by the classroom teacher.

  • Any summative assessment not completed and submitted by the teacher assigned due date will be recorded in the grade book as an incomplete (INC).
  • A student who does not complete a summative assessment on time will be expected to attend a compulsory session in the After School Learning Center (ASLC) until the summative assessment has been successfully completed. The assessment must be completed in the presence of a teacher.
  • In addition:
    • The student is expected to complete the assessment during one ASLC session. If the student has multiple assessments to complete, arrangements can be made for the student to attend the ASLC on multiple occasions.
    • If the student fails to attend the ASLC in order to complete the assessment, the student will be expected to complete the assessment in the presence of a teacher in a Saturday Morning Summative session.
  • Regarding the end of the quarter:
    • Students must complete all summative assessments by 7:45 AM on the last day of the quarter. During quarter 4, the last day for completing assessments is on June 15 – the last Thursday of the 2016-2017 school year.
    • Any summative assessment that is not completed by 7:45 AM on the last day of the quarter will earn the mark of incomplete (INC) in the grade book, and thus an INC for that class on the report card.
    • The lowest mark a student can earn on their report card is a level “1”

Please Note:

  • Any summative assessment completed beyond the Synergetic deadline in the company of a teacher will be accepted and graded. While not changing the incomplete status of any quarter grade on the report card, the graded summative assessment will be used to determine the full year grade.


At the end of the school year, students will receive a report card that contains 5 grades for each year long class, and 3 grades for any semester/half-year class.  For example, students will earn a grade for their core classes (math, science, English, social studies, and Arabic, etc.,) in quarter 1, 2, 3, and 4, plus they will receive a Full Year grade. Any student who has not completed all of their summative assessments or assignments will earn the mark of “INC” on their Full Year mark.  The responsibility rests squarely on the shoulders of the student to complete their assignments when assigned.  If the student did not finish the assessment when prescribed, it is the responsibility of the student to make arrangements with the teacher to complete the assessment as expected.  The completion of the assessment is the only solution to erase an INC mark from the report card

If you have any questions or concerns about an incomplete mark that appears on your child’s report card, I encourage you to speak with your child first.  Secondly, I encourage you to coach your child to speak with the teacher in order to make a plan for successfully completing all assessments, so that the end of year report card can be free of “INC” marks.


Important Dates and Activities:

May 15:          MS Band and Choir concert @ 6:30 in the MPH

May 18:          MS Counselors Coffee @ 7:45 – location TBD

May 18:          Grade 8 student social/celebration

Until our paths cross, please take good care, and remember, Middle School students matter!!  May peace be upon you.

The MS is Energized for an Awesome Week!

Welcome to May and greetings to from the UAS Middle School!!!  WOOHOO!!

There continues to be lots of activities and excitement in the hallways and classrooms of the UAS Middle School!  One could argue that the energy generated within our awesome school is indicative of any middle level school. While that statement is probably quite true, I of course believe that our students and staff are extraordinary, and thus the enthusiasm produced is likewise exceptional!

There are two parallel activities upon which our school wide community is focused this week:  Teacher Appreciation Week and Respect Week.

Respect Week:

Sponsored by our very own MS Student Voice Committee (SVC), these amazing students have created a wonderful program for our students and staff on May 8, 9, and 10.  Monday, May 8 is Student Voice Day.  Students will participate in student-led discussions about our learning community.  They will have the golden opportunity to share their voice, and discuss with one another ways which we can make our school even more terrific!

During Technology Tuesday, students will focus on how to respect themselves and others while using technology.  Students will be role playing in a controlled chat room activity and then discussing appropriate interaction strategies.  To raise awareness for the day’s activities, Tuesday will also be a dress down day.  Students are encouraged to dress as their favorite device, wear a logo from a technology company, or dress as a technology celebrity.

Wednesday, May 10 will complete the Respect Week activities, with the SVC sponsoring Career Day.  Students will be able to attend one of 13 amazingly interesting presentations about what the professional world is like. We are so very fortunate that 13 members of our community have agreed to talk to our students about their jobs and the path they had to take to get to where they are today.

Teacher Appreciation Week:

Our staff is absolutely amazing!  I am truly grateful and blessed to have been an educator for 35 years, and during this time I have had the good fortune to have worked with many outstanding educators.  That said, I believe the current group of MS teachers is truly excellent and I am so very proud to be their principal.  The fact is, your children are lucky to be in their care! J As a result, I would encourage you to reach out to any one or the group of teachers that serve your child and say thank you.  For me, this week is not about buying gifts for your child’s favorite teacher, but more about showing your appreciation and regard for the difficult work they do.  Trust me, teaching is a challenging, yet richly rewarding job.  Our staff teach because they love working with young people – your children!  Feel free to contact them and say thanks this week, or at any point during the last few weeks of the school year.  Rest assured that a “pat” on the back will go a long way to continue building mutual trust and respect.

In addition to these two activities this week, you are also cordially invited next week to the Middle School Band & Choir Concert on Monday, May 15th, 2017 @ 6:30 pm in the Multi-Purpose Hall. Each of the grade level bands and choirs will be performing 3 pieces and one mass piece. The choir students will be singing classical, pop, and African pieces in multiple languages! The band students will be playing some favorites including “Mary Had a Little Lamb”, the main theme from “Star Wars”, as well as more complex piece you might not know yet! There will be choreography, clapping, narration by students, and two wonderful finales!

Over 100 middle school students will be involved in this concert. It’s a fantastic night, and we would love to have you join us. Come and see what the MS Music Program is all about! Admission is free, and the concert will last approximately two hours. If you have any questions about the concert, please contact Emma Gordon, the Middle School Band & Choir Teacher (egordon@uasdubai.ae).  We hope to see you there!

Last but not least, please remember the Fringe Festival on Tuesday, May 9 @ 6:30 PM in the Library, highlighting the artistic gifts of our talented students!


Important Dates and Activities:

May 7-11:       Teacher Appreciation Week

May 8 -10:      Respect Week, sponsored by the MS Student Voice Committee

May 9:            Fringe Festival @ 6:30 in the Secondary School Library

May 15:          MS Band and Choir concert @ 6:30 in the MPH

May 18:          MS Counselors Coffee @ 7:45 – location TBD

May 18:          Grade 8 student activity – stay tuned for more details

 Until our paths cross, please take good care, and remember, Middle School students matter!!  May peace be upon you.

Parent Teacher Conferences Have Returned!

Welcome back once again to the exciting world of the UAS Middle School!  WOOHOO!

On Wednesday, April 26 and Thursday, April 27 we will host the second installment of our annual parent-teacher conferences.  These meetings provide a golden opportunity for parents, teachers and students to gain a better understanding of how we can work together to raise the academic achievement of our most precious commodity.

While making plans for the conferences at the end of this week, I came across an excellent article to help guide parents as they make ready for this batch of “check-ups”.  I have inserted some of my own thoughts along with the author, but I do hope you enjoy this articled entitled:

8 Ways to Get the Most Out of Parent-Teacher Conferences, by Lori Garcia

It’s time again for parent-teacher conferences, when home and school join forces for the betterment of our students.  For some, parent-teacher conferences will be one of the few times you’ll speak with your child’s teacher, while for others this meeting marks another in a string of conversations you have already had during the current school year.

If you greet parent-conferences with a twinge of anxiety, know that you’re not alone. I’ve had years where I knew I wasn’t going to like what I was about to hear. I’ve had years where I’ve even cried a little. And this year, even with both of my kids finally on behavioral track, I’m nervous for what this week’s parent-teacher conferences will bring.

Nerves aside, it’s our job as parents to support our young learners with the help of their teachers. Let’s take a look at 8 ways we can get the most out of parent-teacher conferences to support our children.

  1. Manage your expectations. Your parent-teacher conferences are designed to give you a general idea of your child’s academic and behavior performance. With each conference lasting 10 minutes in length, standard conferences don’t allow enough time to tackle deeper issues. If you have specific challenges and concerns you wish to discuss with your child’s teacher, use this opportunity to schedule a follow up meeting.
  1. Be punctual. With only 10 minutes allotted per parent, your child’s teacher doesn’t have a moment to spare. Arrive on time and silence your mobile devices to give your child’s teacher the attention they deserve.
  1. Talk to your child before, or, consider bringing your child with you to the conferences. I don’t like surprises, so I preface every parent-teacher conference with a conversation with my child. “Is there anything I need to know before meeting with your teachers, because I’d rather hear from you first.” As much as I dislike putting my kids in this awkward position, I can’t tell you how many times they’ve sheepishly admitted to behavioral wrongdoings and a poor test score or two that never made it home. Knowing these things prior to your conference will better prepare you for what your child’s teacher has to say. In addition, I strongly urge you to consider bringing your child with you to the conferences.  After all, the meeting is about their learning and progress.  Feel free to have these conferences be “student involved”.
  1. Come prepared. With only 1 quarter of the school year remaining, perhaps you are still scratching your head because of a few points. For example: Is my kid supposed to bring a book every day to REGAL? How do I look at the Google Classroom? Where do I find the grade level assessment calendar? Jot down your questions so you won’t forget to ask when the teachers offer to answer any of your questions.
  1. Listen with an open mind. Arguably the hardest part of having school-aged children is hearing your child’s teacher mention anything less than complementary about your kid. However, out of respect for your child’s teacher and their professional authority, we owe it to our students to listen with an open mind. Remember, you and your child’s teacher possess the shared vision of your student achieving their personal best.
  1. Take notes. Hopefully, nothing your child’s teacher reports will come as shocking information, but you’re certain to learn a few things about your child’s academic progress that you didn’t know. Especially if your child is unable to attend the conferences with you, take notes to discuss the points with your child after the conferences and be sure to inform your child of the good stuff along with areas for improvement.
  1. Show respect. It can be difficult to show respect to a teacher who has less than favorable details to report – particularly if the chemistry between child and teacher is rocky. Mutual respect between parent and teacher is vital for the success and academic development of your child. It’s as simple as this, when parents and teachers work together, students win!
  1. Ask what you can do at home. If your child’s teacher advises that additional practice is needed, inquire about specific resources available. As an academic professional, your child’s teacher is a wealth of information who will gladly point you in the right direction.

Here’s hoping these tips will help you better prepare for your child’s annual “check-up from the neck up”.  On behalf of the entire teaching staff and leadership team of the UAS Middle School, we look forward to hosting you on April 26 from 1 to 6 PM, and again on Thursday, April 27 from 8 AM to 12 PM.


Important Dates and Activities:

April 24: Quarter 3 Celebration of Achievement @ 10 AM in the MPH.  If your child is earning recognition, an invitation was sent last week.

April 26:  Early dismissal @ 12 PM for students.  Parent/Teacher conferences from 1 to 6 PM

April 27: Parent/Teacher conferences from 8 AM to 12 PM

May 1, 2, 3 & 4:  MAP testing

May 9:  MS “Fringe Festival” – 6:30 PM in the Secondary School library

May 15:  MS spring band and choir concert – 6:30 PM in the MPH

Until our paths cross, please take good care, and remember, Middle School students matter!!  May peace be upon you.

8th Grade Solar Car Races

Hello Parents, and greetings to you from the UAS Middle School!!! WOOHOO!!

It was a real treat this past week to watch our grade 8 students participate in the Engineering Design Challenge through the science class of Mr. Adam Hall. If ever you wanted to see learning being fun, this event was an excellent example! A couple days of preliminary races led up to the big Race Day on Thursday, April 13. The level of student engagement, and what our young people produced was very impressive to behold!

The following information was shared by Mr. Hall:

“Fastest Jr. Solar Sprint Car in the World”

UAS Middle School students participated in an Engineering Design Challenge attempting to build the “Fastest Jr. Solar Sprint Car in the World” as part of the Grade 8 Science Energy Unit.  Learners worked in teams to follow the Engineering Design Process and build solar model cars over the course of the last several science classes.  Race Day was exciting with the “Jokers” (Michel and Isabel) taking 1st place in the competition (7.02 seconds, average speed = 2.85 m/s or 10.26 km/h), narrowly edging out “BDI” (Boudi and Dhalia) (7.32 seconds, average speed = 2.73 m/s or 9.83 km/h).  Excellent job “Jokers”, “BDI” and all race teams and participants!

Solar Car Fun

SemiFinal Races


Important Dates and Activities:

April 13: NO school for students and staff – Lailat Al Meiraj
April 24: Quarter 3 Celebration of Achievement @ 10 AM in the MPH
April 26: Early dismissal for students. Parent/Teacher conferences 1 to 6 PM
April 27: Parent/Teacher conferences from 8 AM to 12 PM

Until our paths cross, please take good care, and remember, Middle School Students matter!! May peace be upon you.

Welcome Back From Spring Break!!

Hello parents, and greetings to you from the UAS Middle School!!!  WOOHOO!!

I sincerely hope you and your family enjoyed a marvelous spring break – I certainly did!  In addition, here’s hoping you and your student managed to rest, relax and rejuvenate!

Please note the registration for the winter term after school activities are ending soon, and that the following information was recently sent to all middle and elementary school parents.


Reminder: Winter Term ASA Sign-ups Ending Soon!

Dear Parents,

After School Activities (ASA) Registration for middle and elementary school students is still open on the UAS Parent Portal. If you are planning on registering your child in any of the activities, kindly take note of the information below. Registration and payment must be made by April 17.

Please note these important dates:

Spring ASA Term: April 23 – May 24, 2017

Spring ASA Registration Deadline: April 13, 2017

Spring ASA Payment Due Date: April 17, 2017

Parent Registration Confirmations Sent Home: April 18, 2017

You can find detailed descriptions of the Middle School ASA activities here.

Please follow the steps below to register your child for an ASA activity:

  • Log on to your parent portal page.
  • Follow the link to view the descriptions and choose the ASA Activity
  • After submitting the form, you will receive an immediate confirmation email that you have requested to register your child for an activity.
  • If you register your child for a paid activity, kindly pay accounts promptly and bring your receipt to the elementary or middle school office.
  • Please note that the registrations for paid ASA activities is not complete until full payment is made, and that without payment by the above deadline, ASA assignments will be given to other children.
  • Please provide the activity title, code, full name of your child and grade when making payment at the account department or by bank transfer.
  • Please note that spaces are limited in some activities and enrollment will be on a first-come-first-served basis.

If you have any questions about the activities, please send an email to ASA Coordinator, Sarah Ghanem at: middleschoolasa@uasdubai.ae

For portal support please email portalsupport@uasdubai.ae

Thank you for your continued support of the ASA Program!


 Important Dates and Activities:

April 9:  Day 1 of quarter #4

April 13:  Middle School Principals Coffee @ 7:45 AM:

  • TOPIC: Grade 7 & 8 Week Without Walls student presentations

April 16:  NO school for students and staff – School Holiday

April 24: Quarter 3 Celebration of Achievement (COA) @ 10 AM in the MPH

April 26:  Early dismissal for students.  Parent/Teacher conferences 1 to 6 PM

April 27: Parent/Teacher conferences from 8 AM to 12 PM


Until our paths cross, please take good care, and remember, Middle School students matter!!  May peace be upon you.  

Tips for a Successful Spring Break

Hello parents, and greetings to you from the UAS Middle School!!!  WOOHOO!!

It is unimaginable to think that we have reached the end of quarter #3, but in fact, Thursday, March 23 is the final day of this term.  Time surely does fly when you are having fun!!!  With the much anticipated, and long awaited spring break starting on Friday, I thought it worthy to use this space to stop and reflect about my previous experiences during spring break when my own children were in school.

I am extremely blessed and proud to be the father of two amazing children.  Though they are both adults now, I truly enjoyed my years as a parent when my kids were in Middle School. As a result of that experience, I want to share some suggestions to help you and your middle schooler enjoy a more fruitful and enjoyable spring break. Especially considering your child will not have the same routines from March 24 through April 8, I feel these points are timely for you and your family. I hope you appreciate these tips and you and your middle schooler have lots of fun and quality family time during the upcoming break.

One of my fondest memories of when my children (who are now 33 and 30) were pre-teens was reading books aloud together.  For example, as a family, we read the entire Harry Potter series aloud to each other over a 4-week period of time!  It was simply magical – and I’m not talking about Hogwarts and Harry Potter!  The time we spent together, and the conversations we had regarding this captivating story were absolutely priceless. It was some of the finest time I spent with my children during the summer of 1997.

Let’s face it, technology is here to stay. And make no mistake about it, social media has certainly changed the way our kids communicate with each other, and how we as adults communicate with each other and with our kids.  That said, I believe a significant practice you and your child should experience during this break is to shut off your technology for periods of time, and ask your child to do the same.  Once upon a time, we didn’t have mobile phones or IPads that now make communication fast and efficient.  But just because our communication is faster and presumably more efficient, it doesn’t mean it is personable or friendly. When I was a kid, we communicated the old fashioned way: we talked to each other. Perhaps this spring break could be a great time to stop using technology – if even for a small amount of time each day – listen to your child, and talk with them about what’s happening in their life.  What do you really know about the life of your middle school student?  Perhaps some face to face time will be the recipe to learn what’s new with the pre-teen that lives under your roof.

One of the fondest memories I have of my childhood was gathering together for dinner nearly every night as a family. This “old fashioned” tradition was where the foundation of my personal values were first formed.  In this day and age, with the busy schedules we all keep – parents and kids alike – it is very difficult for everyone to sit at the same table and share stories about their day/life.  I strongly urge you to make some time during this spring break to have dinner together with your family – multiple times if possible. Whether you choose to eat at a restaurant, or at home, may I suggest the phones are switched off during the time you are eating. I assure you the break from technology will be good for you and your whole family, and the golden opportunity for your family to meaningfully communicate will be irreplaceable.

As I look back on the years my children were growing up, I still believe the best gift I gave both my son and daughter was the gift of time.  The truth is, you can ever replace these impressionable years your children are currently experiencing.  My wish for you during this years spring break, is that you manage to re-connect with your child/children, and rejoice/celebrate their gifts and talents.  Your child is unique in this world, and I am lucky to be their principal.  I am confident you feel even luckier to be their parent.  The time you spend with them will undoubtedly be time you and they both cherish for the rest of your life. May you be able to make the most of the opportunity.  Good luck!

If you do something fun with your child during the break, or you have a grand adventure together, please feel free to share your experiences.  I would love to hear your stories!


Important Dates and Activities:

March 23: Last day of quarter #3

March 24 – April 8: Spring Break

April 9:  Day 1 of quarter #4

April 13:  Principal Coffee: Topic will focus on Week Without Walls student presentations and the significance of experiential learning

April 16:  NO school for students and staff – School Holiday

Until our paths cross again, please take good care, and please remember, Middle School students matter!!  May peace be upon you.

Welcome to International Day 2017!

Hello parents, and greetings to you this fine day from your UAS Middle School!!!

There is excitement in the air this week because International Day has finally arrived! WOOHOO!!  Students, staff and PTSO parents have been preparing for this event for weeks and we truly look forward to an international extravaganza on Wednesday, March 15.  Please note that a schedule of the day’s festivities was previously published on the Directors Blog.  That said, please be aware that the Middle School will be hosting country museums within each of the homeroom classrooms.

The MS museums will be available for public viewing from 2:00 until 3:10, and we hope you can visit our 12 museums to sample the culture from around the globe! For your information, the diverse countries represented in the Middle School museums include:

  • Grade 6:
    • Pakistan – room #1119
    • Ireland – room #1118
    • Tanzania – room #1117
    • Brazil – room #1115
  • Grade 7:
    • Sweden – room #1109
    • New Zealand – room #1108
    • Columbia – room #1107
    • Finland – room #1106
  • Grade 8:
    • Chile – room #1105
    • Kenya – room #1104
    • Cyprus – room #1103
    • Philippines – room #1102

For your information: As part of the International Day celebration, students have been encouraged to wear the colors of the country their homeroom is representing.

Parents should note that although school buses will run at the usual timing (bus departure is planned for 3:25) our students will experience a revised school day.  Most classes will run for approximately 45 minutes in length, there will be a lunch period, and students will be dismissed at 2:00. Students wishing to depart for the day via parent or by driver are welcome to leave at that time. However, we sincerely hope many parents and students will join in the fun during the late afternoon and into the evening!  International Day event will conclude at 7 PM.

Please be aware that during the course of the early afternoon, our students will have nearly an hour to access all of the International Day festivities available on campus. There will be entertainment, country booths, games, and food trucks! Because a variety of food will be available, students are encouraged to bring money with them to school.

UAS student performances will be provided from 2:00 to 3:00, and PTSO sponsored entertainment will begin at 3:30.  It will truly be a fun and festive occasion for our entire community! I do hope you can plan to join us!


Important Dates and Activities:

March 15: International Day

March 16: NO School for students – Professional Development day for teachers

March 23: Last day of quarter #3

March 24 – April 8: Spring Break

April 9:  Day 1 of quarter #4

April 13:  Principal Coffee: Topic will focus on Week Without Walls student presentations and the significance of experiential learning

April 16:  NO school for students and staff – School Holiday

Until our paths cross again, please take good care, and please remember, Middle School students matter!!  May peace be upon you.