Last Week for 2016

Dear Parents

This will be my last message on the High School blog. I wish everyone a wonderful summer vacation. I thank you all for making my last nine years so wonderful. We have come a long way in the last 11 years and I know that UAS will continue to thrive and improve under the leadership of Mr Sealey. I wish you all the best for the future. Take Care and Au Revoir.

Some reminders:

  • Report cards will be posted on the portal on Tuesday 21 June at 3.00pm to those who have returned their checkout forms (for students who have not returned the checkout forms – access to the report cards will be blocked).
  • Wednesday will be a noon dismissal day.


Reminders for Next Week

We will return to regular classes on Sunday. Classes begin at 8.00am and the day will finish at 1.00pm. The cafeteria will be open. Water and food can be consumed only in the cafeteria during the break times.

Academic Awards assemblies will be held in the Secondary Library starting at 11.20am (slight change to previous messages).

IMPORTANT: Students must complete and submit their checkout forms to the Secondary Office to be able to access their final report cards. Report cards will be posted on the portal on Tuesday 21 at 3.00pm to those students who have returned their checkout forms.

HS Update

Dear Parents

This is a final week of exams. Next week we return to regular classes. We will also hold our final academic awards assemblies for each grade. Parents are invited to attend. The assemblies will be held in the secondary library at the following days/times:

Grade 9 – Sunday 19 June (11.00am)

Grade 10 – Monday 20 June (11.00am)

Grade 11 – Tuesday 21 June (11.00am)

An Important Reminder – all students must return their checkout forms by June 14 to get access to their final report card.

Senior Celebrations

Our seniors have graduated!

Congratulations to the class or 2016. Each senior walked across the stage to receive his/her high school diploma from Mr Torris on Wednesday night. I wish all the seniors a happy and successful journey as they begin the next stage of their lives.

I have also included some photos of the Senior Walk and Breakfast.

thumb_DSC_0012_1024 thumb_DSC_0002_1024 thumb_DSC_0472_1024 thumb_DSC_0161_1024 thumb_DSC_0128_1024 thumb_DSC_0054_1024

Dress UP Day – Thursday

On Thursday, the senior students will be doing the first ever ‘senior walk’ as part of their graduation celebrations. The seniors will walk through the corridors of the elementary, middle and high school. The younger students will line the corridors and cheer the seniors as they walk by.

To celebrate we will have a school wide dress UP day. There will be no charge to students. We ask that students wear smart/professional clothes or wear their uniform.

UAS 2016 Cap and Gown

Grade 10 Individual Investigation Fair

Yesterday the grade 10 students held a fair to show the end products of their research projects. The Individual Investigation is a long term research project conducted by all grade 10 students. It is designed to give students experience in choosing a goal, conducting research and writing a formal essay. The Individual Investigation is a prelude to the IB Extended Essay which all Diploma students need to do in grade 11-12. The topics chosen by the students were varied, from creating video games, investigating social discrimination, researching the impact of music on wellbeing and many more. Listening to students describe their projects, it was evident that they are passionate about the topics selected.

Thank you to Ms Marlowe for coordinating the project, the supervisors who provided support to the students and parents who attended the fair. Congratulations grade 10!

thumb_DSC_0018_1024 thumb_DSC_0013_1024 thumb_DSC_0008_1024 thumb_DSC_0004_1024 thumb_DSC_0002_1024

Last Week in the High School

Dear Parents

Last week was a busy week with 4 evening events celebrating talent and success at UAS.


The grade 11 music class performed their final concert for the year. It has been an absolute pleasure listening to them this year. They are a very talented group of students. I wish you all the best for next year and know that you will continue to develop your talents.


The poetry slam was a great evening of poetry. Students performed original poems which were deep in meaning. Congratulations to the participants and to Rama who was the lead organiser and the group of grade 11 students who also helped to make the evening so well planned. To Hana, the MC for the night, thank you for being so entertaining.


The grade 9 music class gave their final performances for the year. It was evident that many of the students had progressed in their skills and gave some wonderful performances. Thank you Mr Cour for all the support you have provided the students.


The season 3 athletics awards took place with many athletes and parents in attendance. Athletes were recognised for their contributions to their teams. The Athlete of the Year, the Scorpion Athlete of the Year and the Scholar Athletes of the Year were announced. Congratulations to all the athletes and thank you to the coaches for a great year. More detail about the awards can be found on the Athletics Blog.

Science Labs:

Ms Coetsee’s grade 10 science class conducted experiments last week. It looks like they had lots of fun while learning.

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Grade 9-11 exams

Dear Parents

Today students received the permission letters to arrive late and leave early during exams (attached below). These need to be signed and returned to the secondary office as soon as possible. To simplify the process as students leave and re-enter campus, we will send the security guard a list of students who have permission to leave campus. The students only need to show the security guard their school ID card so their name can be checked off. All students received ID cards earlier this year. If your son/daughter has lost his/her ID card a new one will need to be ordered (cost 25dhs).

Attached is the exam schedule. There are some minor timing changes as we have included break times between some papers where possible. We have clarified start and end times. We have included break times where applicable.

Classes will run as normal until exams begin on Monday 30th May (grade 11) and Tuesday 31st May (grades 9-10).

If your child is sick and cannot sit an exam, a medical note must be provided to be able to sit a make up exam on 15-16 June.

Exam Early Leave Letter – May 9-11exam schedule – June 2016

9-11exam schedule – June 2016

Grade 9-11 exam schedule

Dear Parents

Today in homeroom/assembly the grade 9-11 students were given their end of year exam schedules. It has also been attached for you below. Please note that we have been able to begin the exams a little later:

Grade 11 exams begin on Monday 30 May.

Grade 10 exams begin on Tuesday 31 May.

Grade 9 exams begin on Tuesday 31 May.

Once exams begin for each grade, there will be no classes and students only need to come to school for their exams. More detail about early leave/late arrival procedures from/to campus will be sent out shortly.

Classes for grade 9-11 will resume on Sunday 19 June after exams are completed.

9-11exam schedule – June 2016