Parent/Teacher Conferences

One of the key markers of a successful school is a strong school-home connection.  This week provides an opportunity to strengthen our UAS community through clear and open dialogue regarding student achievement and progress for each and every family at our Parent/Teacher Conferences.  We encourage all parents to attend.  We love to see our students join their parents and engage in the dialogue.  Our teachers are ready to welcome parents and provide specific feedback regarding the educational journey of each of their students.

We hope to see you all here!

Fine Arts Booster Club Announcement

The Fine Arts Booster Club is working hard this year to create an Martyr’s Wall installation.  It will consist of flowers made of beaded pearls.  The more hands the various members of our community place on this project, the more meaning and impact it will have on our community.  Please see the schedule below for details on workshops that will take place in the foyer of the school.

University Pathway Presentations

We will have a presentation on University Pathways offered twice during Parent/Teacher Conferences.  The first will take place on Wednesday, November 14th at 1:00 and the second will be on Thursday the 15th at 12:00.  This presentation will address our commitment to the IB DP Programme as well as the implementation of an alternative track including American Common Core and Advanced Placement courses.

Notification Regarding Accounts

Parents who have an account in arrears will not have access to the report cards published on the 13th.  Please submit payment at your earliest convenience to ensure timely access to reports.  Alternatively, please reach out to accounts and establish a payment plan to retain access to student reports.

Upcoming Important Dates

  • November 13th – Report Cards published on portal
  • November 14th & 15 – Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • November 23rd – 25th – UAS MUN Conference
  • November 28th – UAE National Day Celebration
  • December 2nd & 3rd – Official Holiday

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