Artistic Expression

If you have been a member of the UAS community for some time, you are well aware of the artistic abilities of our students.  From the opportunities to perform on our MPH main stage to pop-up venues, our students enjoy expressing themselves.  Below you will find two recent examples that absolutely blew me away.  The first is a spoken word poem performed by our Student Government President.  The passion and confidence with which his words were delivered literally brought tears to my eyes.  The second performance was conducted at a fundraiser for Orange Mint, a student-led musical coming in January.  It was performed by two of our seniors, one who happens to be a published poet!

Spoken Word

Open Mic Afternoon

Nuts & Bolts Issues

  • We kindly suggest that parents pick up students from Gate 4 after school.  It is a much less congested area and parents will be able to get in and out much faster and safer.
  • Quarter 1 reports will be published on November 13th, one day prior to Parent/Teacher Conferences.  This report will consist of grades, behavior, effort and attendance numbers.  Comments will be included on the end of Semester I and the End of Year reports.

Upcoming Important Dates

  • November 1st – 3rd – AUD MUN Conference
  • November 5th – Counselor Coffee Morning
  • November 5th – UC Davis University Lunch Visit
  • November 12th – AUS Lunch Visit
  • December 3rd – Counselor Coffee Morning

Upcoming Coffee Morning

On October 17th, I will hold my first Principal Coffee Morning.  We’ll kick off the morning promptly at 8:30 in the High School Library.  There are two topics of conversation I would like to address.  The first is our IB results from 2018.  There is much to celebrate and equally much to address.  I will spend a considerable chunk of our time unpacking the details of our results in the broader context of IB schools in Dubai.  This conversation provides a nice segue into the larger topic of our initiative to provide an alternative American curriculum track for those not undertaking the IB Diploma.  As a former IB Coordinator, I have an affinity toward the program as it is one of the most academically rigorous university preparatory high school diplomas in the world.  However, UAS has limited student choice by funneling everyone into IB courses in grades 11 and 12, regardless of whether or not the student is registered for the exam.  Our aim is to broaden the choices we provide and in doing so meet the needs of every student we serve.


Notice From RASH Coordinator

Ms. Traci Whalen, our Required After School Hour (RASH) Coordinator, sent home an email recently regarding the return of RASH.  We set up the RASH Program last year to provide a support mechanism for student who struggled to get their work in on time.  We will begin this support again next week to ensure our students are provided with the time and space some of them need to complete their work.  Our aim is to make sure none of our students simply opt out from completing an assessment task.  If a student were able to opt out,  it would likely lead to gaps in content knowledge and skills.  Ultimately, RASH has been put into place to help students in their learning journey to achieve their personal best.


From our National Honor Society

Upcoming Important Dates

  • October 14th – 18th – School Pictures
  • October 15th – Grade 12 Family College Night
  • October 17th – Principal Coffee Morning