Back-to-School Night

We look forward to welcoming parents on Monday, September 24th from 6:30 to 8:30 in the MPH for Back-to-School Night.

Parents will get a chance to hear me and others talk about what sets UAS apart: Our community!  We will begin the evening together in the MPH with a 30 minute presentation that will focus on what we value as a school community.  Parents will then have the option to remain in the MPH, which will be set up like a trade show, or head over to the band and choir rooms to hear short presentations from a number of departmental leaders.  The purpose of the evening is threefold.  First and foremost, our aim is to build community.  This year we welcomed fourteen new members to the UAS High School faculty.  I have spent the past five weeks getting to know these wonderful educators and now the parental community will have a chance to meet them as well.  Secondly, our aim is to emphasize the role of learning at UAS.  As principal, my job is to establish the best possible conditions for learning to take place across the school.  At UAS, we encourage students to look beyond grades.  We encourage teachers to look beyond teaching.  We encourage our entire community to focus on learning.  Learning is not a passive process.  Learning takes place in the messy world of movement, action, creation, and play.  Lastly, our aim is to share with parents what our students will learn this year.  From learning quadratic equations to Newton’s three laws of motion, our students have a lot on their plates.  As educators, we strive to make every lesson relevant to the lives of our students.

See you all Monday evening!


Upcoming Theatrical Performance

Upcoming Important Dates

  • October 6th – SAT Test Date
  • October 14th – 18th – School Pictures
  • October 15th – Grade 12 Family College Night

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