Maintaining Equilibrium

This past week, Assistant Principal McManus and Dean of Students Hall conducted tardy sweeps.  The essence of this task was to set a tone regarding our high school expectations of arriving on time to each and every class, event or activity.  We hold these standards for both students and staff.  We saw tardies drop from 43 on Sunday to 12 on Thursday, but at what cost?  Some of our teachers asked really probing questions regarding our school culture.  They asked if we were moving too far, too fast.  They questioned if we might be alienating Mr. McManus and Ms. Hall from the student body they are here to serve.

Our answer: Maintain equilibrium.  This past week we held students to very high punctuality standards, arguably higher than we ever have at UAS.  So how did we maintain equilibrium?  We celebrated their success of improving attendance rates by handing out ice cream sandwiches in the form of “tardy for the weekend” slips.  Mr. McManus and Ms. Hall excused students five minutes early from their last period to let them know they were late for the weekend and they needed to pick up their tardy slips (ice cream sandwiches) on their way out of school.

Moving forward, this will be an operational principle for this high school administrative team.  When we push students hard, we will celebrate their successes in a big way!


From the Counseling Department

From the PTSO

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Upcoming Important Dates

  • September 24th – HS Back-to-School Night from 6:30 – 8:30 in the MPH
  • October 6th – SAT Test Date
  • October 14th – 18th – School Pictures
  • October 15th – Grade 12 Family College Night

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