Important Information regarding: the Home Stretch for High School!

Dear parents,

Where has the time gone?  It seems like only a week ago we were just coming back from summer and now there is only 11 weeks left until next Summer!

Seniors – Attendance is Crucial!

I was visiting Senior classes this week to see the active review that is taking place in all the classes.  I saw some very creative and engaging review lessons.  In some classes, the content is still being delivered.  Here is the plan for the next 2 weeks for Seniors:

On Thursday, all Seniors will have a “Q3” Grade on their Engrade.  This will be the final mark for IB Diploma students going into their final exams.  If you haven’t used Engrade yet, here is a video to remind you of what Engrade is.

ALL Seniors are to be in school until April 19th – classes are still going on, and teachers are giving “active review”.

After April 19th, Academically Eligible Seniors may be allowed to stay home.  To qualify, students must have over 26 points and no “3’s” on their Engrade reports, and, they must have their CAS completed.

We will send a letter home to those who qualify.  If you do not receive a letter, your child is expected to be at school!

Parent-Teacher Conferences Coming Up.

On April 25th and 26th, we are having our last Parent-Teacher Conferences of the year.  Priority sign up will be given to parents whose children are on Academic Probation.  Sign up will open on Sunday April 15th for those parents, and for everyone else we will open sign up on Tuesday, April 17th.

On Thursday, April 19th, we will be placing a year-to-date grade on Engrade (Q3).  Please make sure you check this before the conferences.  It is the grade your child would get if the year were to end today!

Mandatory After School Study Hall for Incomplete Work.

As you probably remember from last year, it is an expectation that all work be completed, in full, otherwise they can not be promoted to the next grade level.  Starting next week we are re-structuring our Study Hall to ensure that all students get their work in.

Here is how it will work: when an assignment/due date is missed, the student will be placed on the Study Hall register and parents will be contacted.  Parents and students will be given 2 days notice so parents can arrange transportation.  If the paper comes in within the two days, the student can be removed from Study Hall.  If not, the student will come into Study Hall from 3:15 to 4:30 every day after school until the work is completed.  If, after 2 weeks of Study Hall, the work is still not done, the student will receive a zero.

Study Hall is mandatory for all students who do not submit work and we appreciate parental support in this matter.  Thank you for helping us help your children!

HS Principal Coffee Next Monday

Next week on Monday, April 23rd, Mr. Coppes will be running his first High School Principal’s Coffee morning at 8:00 AM in the library.  It will be a great chance to interact with the new High School Principal and give feedback about what you want the American Curriculum to look like for 2019 and beyond.


We look forward to seeing you April 25 and 26!  Have a great day!

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