So much to be proud of!

Looking Back to Last Week!

Wow, what an amazing week I just had!  I had the honor of traveling with 8 amazing Grade 11 students to Tanzania as part of our Week Without Walls.  I cannot tell you how impressed I was with our students.  We worked from dawn to dusk, building desks for Manzi School.   In three days, we built 10 desks, enough for 30 students to have a place to sit!  This might not seem like much, but it was very challenging work in the heat of that Tanzanian summer.  Our guides informed us that we far exceeded their expectations, the previous school group that came to Manzi school had more students and managed to build only 3 desks in as much time.  Our students were organized and focussed.  Because of the clear needs of the school, UAS students were more than willing to go the extra mile.  On our first day, we visited a class with 64 students, many of whom were sitting on the floor as there wasn’t enough work space for the kids.  They would take turns sharing the desks so that they could do their work.  It was very eye-opening for how lucky we are to be able to provide such a world-class education to our students.  And in turn, our kids gave everything they could to make the learning just a little easier for the kids at Manzi.  It was so wonderful to see.


Of course, there were other elements to this trip.  After our three days of service, the students got to experience the wonders of Tanzanian Nature, History and Culture, but ultimately, it was our mission to empower our students to become Caring, Critical Thinking, Responsible Global Citizens that brought us to Tanzania.  To see more of our trip, and the amazing other experiences of Week Without Walls, click HERE to go to our WWW Instagram Feed.  There you will learn about all the amazing things we did!

Looking Forward to This Week!


On Saturday, March 3rd we have our annual International Day!  The PTSO have done an amazing job getting everything prepared.  Please come support the school, there will be music and laughter and things for the whole family to do!  Please make an effort to come out Saturday from 11 to 5!  Hope to see you there!

Looking Forward to Next Week!

One of the things we are empowering is a more substantial look at social issues.  Some of our teachers, supported by the Fine Arts Booster Club are hosting a Women’s Week from March 4th to 8th.  While most of the activities are taking place at lunch, we would like to invite ALL members of the community to a special event on Monday, March 5th:

This wonderful event is the screening of a film called Stitching Palestine.  As an American and IB school, part of our mission is to make the world a better and more peaceful place.  Led by the Fine Arts Booster Club (click to see their instagram page)  This is going to be a wonderful event.  There will be an exhibition of over 160 pieces of work, followed by a screening of the film, followed by a panel discussion.  I am very excited to learn about this important topic and I hope that you will join us.  Seats are limited to 200 people.

Reports to go home at 3:00

Dear Parents,

We are finalizing reports and due to the new structure, they will be going home later than expected.

As always, each report is double proof-read, and as always some mistakes will get through.  Our Department Heads, then Senior Administrators read each report, correcting errors.  We usually catch 95%.  Producing high quality reports is enormously important to us, so if a mistake got through, please reach out to me and we will have it corrected.

For information on how to access your reports, please open this document:

Report Cards Thursday!

Dear Parents,

I have just returned from an amazing recruiting trip to the United States!  We have such an exciting year ahead and I can’t wait to get started.  I intend to write more details in the coming days but I wanted to drop a quick note about Reports on Thursday.

Reports will be going out on Thursday.  These are the official reports of the school.  With open gradebooks there should be no surprises, but these reports include comments on how your child is doing as well as an official GPA.  Please remember that our Grade 9 students will have the adjusted GPAs that match the KHDA guidelines for American Schools.  Grades 10 through 12 will have the same GPAs that were developed by the school.

As always, some parents were contacted by email regarding accounts that are in arrears.  If you received an email regarding monies owed, please reconcile that prior to Thursday so that your child’s reports can released.

We look forward to continued learning in Semester 2!


Ole Sealey

High School Principal.