IB Diploma Students to Return to School Sept 5th and 6th

Dear Parents,

Friendly reminder that ALL GRADE 11 and 12 IBDP STUDENTS SHOULD REPORT TO SCHOOL AT 10:00 AM ON SEPTEMBER 5 and 6.  Sessions will start at 10:30 sharp!

Grade 12’s are to report the Secondary Library

Grade 11’s are to report to the MPH

Through the summer Mr. Coppes, Ms. Cummins and I have spent some time looking at our IB data trying to find efficient ways to improve our programme.  One simple way is to focus more heavily on the IB core: CAS (Creativity, Action and Service), TOK (Theory of Knowledge and the EE (Extended Essay).  Cumulatively, these elements of the programme are important to a student’s results.  Failure to complete any one of these elements means the student can not get their Diploma.  In addition, TOK and the EE can give the student much needed “bonus points”.

Historically, UAS has achieved at world average in TOK and the EE:

Bonus Points – Scores – 2013-2017 – UAS-1074j8b

While being at world average is by not means bad, in the past 2 years I have observed that there is much more that we can do to support out students to get these essential points.  All three of my previous IB schools have induction days dedicated to these essential elements.  For that reason, Grade 11 and 12 IB students are asked to come back on September 5th and 6th.  Grade 11’s will focus on CAS and TOK and Grade 12’s will work on their Extended Essays.  A draft of the EE is due on Sunday September 10th.

To help put context into the importance of these bonus points, here are some resources on IB recognition for good universities in:




Placement at good universities is increasingly competitive and data shows that historically only 40 percent of our students get 2 or 3 bonus points.  We aim to raise that number to over 70 percent this year and 90 percent the year after.  Please help us help your children by making sure they attend these important sessions.  In addition to being important for university admission, these days will be good introductions to the rigour and wonder of the IB Diploma Programme.  We look forward to meeting with your children on September 5th.


Ole Sealey

High School Principal

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