What types of learning last the longest?

Today and tomorrow, UAS is hosting the Universal American School Model United Nations (UASMUN). The students have organized everything, from the lanyards all the way up to the topics being debated.  They have done a fantastic job!  Running an event like this requires a lot of thinking.  The students are proudly dressed in their professional attire and it’s clear they are taking the event seriously.  Not only that, but they are taking the learning seriously as well.  Since this is a relatively small event on the MUN scene, many of the participants are new.  Our committee chairs were explaining the roles of lobbyists, the structure of debates and giving tips on how to write resolutions.  I was really proud of their efforts.

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And it’s not just happening in MUN, I am seeing some interesting shifts in our expectations of students in other areas as well.  The school recently made a decision to put a water bottle machine in the cafeteria; a well-intentioned solution to making sure our students have access to potable water all day.  Our students have responded admirably.  A group of conscientious young people, partly inspired by the recent visit from Stephen Ritz have taken on the project of putting the water bottle machine out of business!

The Green Team spent today finding data on how much waste our water bottles produce.  They are asking students not to throw out their water bottles, collecting them instead.  This information will be used to create solutions that will have a profound impact on our school’s environmental footprint.

MUN teaches teamwork, public speaking, debate, structure, high standards and real-world skills such as diplomacy and negotiation.  The Green Team are learning about sustainability, bureaucracy, and perseverance.  Our students are hugely capable and they truly want to make not only their school a better place, but the world as well.

It’s events like these that make a school great.  Week Without Walls, our overseas sports trips, MUN, the Green Team, Slam Poetry night, the school plays and musicals, music recitals.  It’s really astounding how much goes into a school year here.  As these initiatives develop, our students will gain important learning on how to manage complex projects.  We will challenge our students to think about both the big picture and the small details.  The lessons learned from the experiences our students are getting this week are essential.  They will not remember the papers they wrote, they will not remember the outcomes of their resolutions. That isn’t the point.  They will remember that they were responsible for an event.  They will remember how to create a detailed plan and follow it through.  They will remember that they were part of something that had meaning.  The mission is truly coming ALIVE at UAS and I couldn’t be more proud.



Tuesday, November 8th – last day for Term 1 work to be submitted (Students with unsubmitted work will receive an incomplete grade “I” on their reports).

Thursday, November 10th – Professional Development Day – no school for students. Teachers on campus looking at MAP data and updating curriculum.  Some Grade 12 Students will be in school completing their IOC’s for English HL.

Tuesday, November 15th – Director’s Forum (Library)

Tuesday, November 15th and Wednesday, November 16th – HS Photo Days

Thursday, November 17th – Counselors Coffee: Parenting a Child with Anxiety presentation by LightHouse Center for Wellbeing, 8:00 – 10:00AM Location TBC.

Thursday November 17th – Q1 Reports go live on Portal at 4:00 PM

Wednesday, November 23rd – Principal’s Coffee (Library)

Wednesday November 23rd/Thursday November 24th – Parent Teacher Conferences.

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  1. Thanks for your email Mr Sealey.
    We are as well very proud of all MUN students!

    And great initiative from the The Green team who was undoubtedly influenced by Stephen Ritz’s visit.

    The best of luck to all the students.

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