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We have amazing students at UAS!  In the past week I have been blown away by their desire to make their school a better place to learn.  Let’s start off with some recognition.  The IB is a programme that is largely misunderstood; many people believe it is only about hard-work or good grades.  That’s part of it, but it’s only a small part of it.  The IB is truly about applying knowledge to make the world a better and more peaceful place.  It is about challenging yourself to become the best possible version of who you already are, and, giving of yourself for the benefit of others.  This is the true spirit of the IB.

With that in mind, Ms. Cummins has initiated the IB students of the month – an an initiative where we recognize the students who truly embody these values.



Majid Al Kaylani (grade 11) is a great example of how the IB learner profile can be observed in IB students. He is described by his teachers as knowledgeable, reflective and open-minded. He has received commendations from his Chemistry, History, English and Math teachers. His CAS coordinator describes him as excited by learning and the opportunities of the IB program. Majid recently organized a debating ring as part of his CAS portfolio, encouraging his peers to be active inquirers on topics such as “The morality of the minimum-wage lifestyle”, “The cult of celebrity” and “The underlying power of social media”.


 Yousef Baker (grade 12) is a dedicated student and works hard to push himself in all that he does. He embodies qualities such as balanced, reflective and principled. His teachers describe him as an outstanding student and forward thinking. Yousef is praised for supportive camaraderie towards his peers and his consistent academic efforts. Yousef received commendations from his Arabic, English, Business, Physics, Chemistry and Math teachers.


Nayla Hamze (grade 12) pushes the boundaries in her Theatre program in everything she does and constantly seeks feedback to improve the quality of her work. She has set the bar very high with the first draft of her Extended Essay. Her passion for IB Theatre drummed up excitement among her peers for the IB Theatre Thailand trip helping make the trip a huge success. Nayla is a great communicator seen frequently helping her peers stay on track, creating a WhatsApp group to remind them of their due dates.



Hind Al Futtaim is passionate about developing a stronger sense of identity among our Emirati students.  This is what it means to be principled. The initiatives she has undertaken include: petitioning for Emirati students to be allowed to wear local dress – something that the school absolutely embraces.  Taking responsibility for Flag Day (Thursday, November 3rd) – a national day to celebrate the official unveiling of the UAE flag in 1971.  Hind wants everyone to understand that the four colours of the flag have meaning.  Red is for bravery, green is for optimism, white is for honesty and black is for strength of mind.  Hind will be taking her passion further, developing the Emirati student’s association who will be supporting our National Day celebrations next month.

Tia Mashini and Larissa Farhat embodied risk taking at our recent IB recital.  Having never performed solo in front of an audience, Tia and Larissa did an amazing job of showcasing their talent! Public performance is the number one fear among people and although all students did an outstanding job, the school wants to recognize the efforts of Tia and Larissa.  

img_3286 img_3288

Other Students in need of recognition: Student Government



Last Thursday, our fabulous Student Government reps hosted their second Movie Night – showing the Tim Burton classic The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Today, SG is hosting the school’s annual Haunted House in the MPH.  Both events are amazingly well thought out.  We invite all parents to come to the next Movie night, it’s truly a wonderful experience that truly shows how caring our students are!

What’s on this month?

  • Friday, November 4th – First Annual UAS Gala!
  • Saturday, November 5th – SAT testing
  • Wednesday, November 9th – Grade 10 Geography Field Trip.
  • Thursday, November 10th – Professional Development Day (no students)
  • Tuesday/Wednesday November 15&16 – HS Photo Days (please help by making sure your children are in uniform!)
  • Thursday, November 17th – Q1 Report Cards go home!
  • Wednesday, November 23rd (half day) Thursday, November 24th – Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Wednesday, November 30th – National Day Celebrations!

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