Last Week in the High School

Dear Parents

Last week was a busy week with 4 evening events celebrating talent and success at UAS.


The grade 11 music class performed their final concert for the year. It has been an absolute pleasure listening to them this year. They are a very talented group of students. I wish you all the best for next year and know that you will continue to develop your talents.


The poetry slam was a great evening of poetry. Students performed original poems which were deep in meaning. Congratulations to the participants and to Rama who was the lead organiser and the group of grade 11 students who also helped to make the evening so well planned. To Hana, the MC for the night, thank you for being so entertaining.


The grade 9 music class gave their final performances for the year. It was evident that many of the students had progressed in their skills and gave some wonderful performances. Thank you Mr Cour for all the support you have provided the students.


The season 3 athletics awards took place with many athletes and parents in attendance. Athletes were recognised for their contributions to their teams. The Athlete of the Year, the Scorpion Athlete of the Year and the Scholar Athletes of the Year were announced. Congratulations to all the athletes and thank you to the coaches for a great year. More detail about the awards can be found on the Athletics Blog.

Science Labs:

Ms Coetsee’s grade 10 science class conducted experiments last week. It looks like they had lots of fun while learning.

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