Grade 9-11 exams

Dear Parents

Today students received the permission letters to arrive late and leave early during exams (attached below). These need to be signed and returned to the secondary office as soon as possible. To simplify the process as students leave and re-enter campus, we will send the security guard a list of students who have permission to leave campus. The students only need to show the security guard their school ID card so their name can be checked off. All students received ID cards earlier this year. If your son/daughter has lost his/her ID card a new one will need to be ordered (cost 25dhs).

Attached is the exam schedule. There are some minor timing changes as we have included break times between some papers where possible. We have clarified start and end times. We have included break times where applicable.

Classes will run as normal until exams begin on Monday 30th May (grade 11) and Tuesday 31st May (grades 9-10).

If your child is sick and cannot sit an exam, a medical note must be provided to be able to sit a make up exam on 15-16 June.

Exam Early Leave Letter – May 9-11exam schedule – June 2016

9-11exam schedule – June 2016

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