BYOM Purchasing Options

Please read the letter shared with parents about the 1:1 laptop program for the 2017-2018 school year. You may find it here.

As a student, your child is eligible to receive and educational discount if you choose to purchase a new Mac laptop for your child.

There are a few options for you to get the educational discount.

    1. Order the computer online through the UAE educational store. I believe this is the best option as it is the least amount of hassle. The site for the UAE is here: If you order online, then you can have free delivery in 6-10 days to your address in Dubai AND you don’t have show any identification.
    2. The second option is go purchase online from the US Apple Ed. Store if you are in the US this summer. There are no software/hardware restrictions as the Apple Warranty is global. The software is the same on the computer – just remember that your child will get MS Office for free from the school in fall. When on the Apple Ed site, select the closest school to your location when the Apple site prompts you to choose a school.
    3. The third option is to go to one of the Apple Stores here in Dubai. We have spoken with the Apple Store both at the Mall of the Emirates and Dubai Mall… both say that they usually don’t give K-12 educational discounts in stores, but they give college discounts. With that said, we do know of people who have walked in and received their educational discount. If you do go, please bring your child’s student ID. Student IDs can be take home at anytime if it’s at school.
    4. The forth option is to wait until the fall. Virgin Megastores has regularly given the educational discount in the fall to K-12 students. Again, your child would need their ID for the discount.
      If having the student id is difficult, you can print off a report card (it has UAS letterhead) and show an Emirates ID. The stores just need some sort of proof that she attends school.

The following email was also shared with our community on June 21, 2017:

June 21, 2017

Dear UAS Parents,

All students enrolled in grades 4 through 10 will be asked to bring an Apple MacBook and case on a daily basis, as part of their regular school supplies. Our Apple Education partner, JTRS, has worked with us to provide families with a discount for MacBook and iPad purchases. We are pleased to inform you that this discount is available for the entire UAS community, not just students in grades 4 through 10.

All models of Apple laptop (MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro) currently sold are acceptable for use at UAS so long as the hard drive/SSD drive is 256GB or greater. You are welcome to purchase a MacBook directly from our Apple Education Partner, JTRS, and benefit from the educational discount.

If you chose to order through JTRS, please follow the instructions in the attached pdf file to sign up and order the device for your child. Please note, this facility is available all year round but if you require the device before school starts in September then please ensure that you place your device order before July 25.

Thank you,

UAS Administration