Weekly Chat with Dr. Chattman

It has been a great first two months of school.  I have already seen a lot of growth with students and I am very happy with their progress.  Many parents came to me at the beginning of the school year concerned about the times for lunch.  We have assessed the schedule since the beginning of school.  We feel the students have adjusted to the schedule well.  Although, some parents report that students are very hungry after school.

Another challenge we have faced this year is ensuring that students have enough time to be active.  Due to the weather, we have not had the opportunity to play outside in the afternoon. Since the temperatures are cooling down, we wanted to find some more time to take them outside.

The Elementary leadership team has collaborated with the teachers and we have found a way to change the schedule so the students can eat at a later time and have more time to play outside.  This will not interfere with instruction and in fact, I think it will improve instruction.

Starting Monday, November 4th, students will begin a new daily schedule that will maximize instructional time, allow students to have a small morning snack, have a morning recess, eat lunch around noon, and then have time to play outside pending good weather.  Teachers will send parents their new class schedules and answer any questions you may have.

Week of Nov. 3-7 

Sunday 3 Day D

  • UAE Flag Day

Monday Nov. 4: Day E

Tuesday Nov 5: Day F

  • Early Release Tuesday-students dismissed at 2pm

Wednesday Nov 6: Day G

Thursday Nov. 7:  Day H

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