Weekly Chat

Last week, I outlined the accomplishments we have made this year in the elementary division as well as mentioned some exciting changes for next year.  Another important aspect I have not mentioned yet is where teachers will be teaching next year.   We have taken into consideration the needs of the students and strengths of the teachers.  We have also hired some wonderful new teachers as well.  I am very excited to present to you the list of teachers for next year.

Pre-K-Elizabeth Tyrrell

KG1-Leala Waldo, Lauren Alvarez, Reema Hanna

KG2-Maria Braun, Kendra Murray, Louise Azode (new)

Grade 1-Thao Tozin, Nadine Kidane, Kimberly Jackson (new)

Grade 2-Brenda Cinque, Kristen Prideaux, Kaveri Gour, Simeet Syeed (new)

Grade 3-Maggie Gleason, Finola de Paor (new), Vaanya Alwani (new)

Grade 4-Coleton Tillett, Kelsey Sumner, Alicia Perkins

Grade 5-Amie Jones, Richard Bird, Katherine Potter (new), 

Music-Betsy Austin

Art-Alina Nistor

PE-Pete McManus

ELL-Nancy Salem, Deborah O’Sullivan

Learning Support-Brittany Wilson, Pam McManus, Tina Wolter (new)

Please email me at schattman@uasdubai.ae if you have any requests regarding next year.  I cannot guarantee your request will be granted but I will make  every attempt to ensure all students are set up for success.  I will not be changing class placements once school has started.

We are pleased to announce that the Elementary Arts Alive is officially on display! Our PreK – 5th Grade students have worked hard since the beginning of the year to create the many different artworks currently hanging in the front and back lobby. Every student is represented by one of his or her own masterpieces!

Sunday, May 12 Day C-2

   Monday, May 13 Day A-1

  • Grade 1 writing celebration 8:30 am-9:30 am

Tuesday, May 14 Day A-2

Wednesday, May 15 Day B-1

  • Director’s Coffee 9:00am- 10:00am

Thursday, May 16 Day B-2

Sunday, May 19 Day C-1

Monday, May 20 Day C-2

Tuesday, May 21 Day A-1

Wednesday 22 Day A-2

Thursday 23 Day B-1



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