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Culture of Excellence

Thank you to everyone that participated in the wonderful events at school last week.  Here are some highlights.



Emirates Flag Day


Breast Cancer Awareness Walkathon

 Early Emergent Literacy Program


Since the beginning of the school year, we have received feedback regarding the Arabic program in the elementary division.  Some of the concerns I heard were regarding the differing levels of students in the classes, the lack of communication with parents, and the lack of set curriculum in the classroom.  We have heard your concerns and researched best practices regarding Arabic instruction.  We have come up with a solution that we feel will be the best way to teach Arabic to our students.  As a first step, we have decided to regroup the students based on their ability levels. We are also working with the Arabic teachers to create curriculum for each level and assessments to measure students’ progress.  We started with regrouping 2nd/3rd grade students and plan on doing the same for all grades.  Our next phase will be 4th/5th grade students.  Students in grades 2 and 3 may be grouped together based on their ability level.  We will do something similar with grades 4 and 5.  There will be more information to come and you will be contacted by your new Arabic teachers.

Calendar of Events

Sunday, Nov. 4th  

  • Day B

Monday Nov. 5th

  • Day C

Tuesday Nov. 6th

  • Day A
  • Early Release Tuesday

Wednesday, Nov. 7th

  • Day B

Thursday, Nov. 8th

  • Day C

Monday, Nov. 12th

  • PTSO Diabetes Awareness Morning Coffee-7:45am

Tuesday, November 13th

  • Elementary Parent Morning Coffee-8:00am

Wednesday, November 14th

  • Parent conferences-no school for students

Thursday, November 15th

  • Parent Conferences-no school

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