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Weekly Chat

This past weekend, my daughter who attends middle school at UAS, participated in the Model of United Nations conference.  It was an amazing opportunity where she was able to take hold of her own learning by researching and debating a topic with other students.  It really made me start thinking about student agency which is a big part of the PYP.  Student agency is the belief that students should be the “drivers” of their own learning. This approach allows students to really own their learning while teaching them critical thinking skills they can use throughout their life.  This is an instructional approach we are striving for at UAS.  You can learn more about student agency here.


It has been announced by the UAE Cabinet that National Day celebrations will take place on Wednesday 28 November and Commemoration Day on Thursday 29 November.

Commemoration Day will see the UAE flag raised at half mast at 8:00am, and a minute of silence at 11:30am, followed by the raising of the UAE flag and the national anthem. Please make the necessary arrangements to mark this day at your school. Thank you.

Best Regards


السيدات/ السادة مدراء المدارس المحترمون،،،

تحية طيبة وبعد،،،

بناءً على تعليمات رئاسة مجلس الوزراء، فقد تقرر بأن تنعقد احتفالات اليوم الوطني السابع والأربعين لدولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة يوم الأربعاء الموافق 28 نوفمبر، فيما ستجري مراسم إحياء “يوم الشهيد” في يوم الخميس 29 نوفمبر.

وستتضمن مراسم إحياء “يوم الشهيد” تنكيس الأعلام في الساعة 8:00 صباحاً، والوقوف دقيقة دعاء صامت في تمام 11:30 صباحاً، تليها مراسم رفع علم الدولة مصحوباً بالنشيد الوطني. وعليه نرجو منكم اتخاذ الترتيبات اللازمة لإحياء هاتين المناسبتين الوطنيتين في مدرستكم.

شاكرين لكم حُسن تعاونكم

أفضل الأمنيات

هيئة المعرفه و التنمية البشرية

Calendar of Events

Sunday Nov. 25

  • Day B

Monday Nov. 26

  • EY Field Trip 9:15-12:45pm

  • Day C

Tuesday Nov. 27

  • Emergent literacy workshop with Ms. Lisa 7:30 Elementary Library

  • Early Release Day

  • Day A

Wednesday Nov. 28: National Day; National dress/UAE colors to be worn

  • National Day Celebration 6pm-11pm

  • Day B

Thursday Nov. 29

  • Martyr’s Wall unveiling 5pm at Festival City

  • Day C

Sunday and Monday Dec. 2-3

  • National Day Holiday- No School

Weekly Chat

Thank you to the parents who were able to attend our parent coffee last week.  You can access our presentation here.  We had a great conversation regarding personalized learning.  We even had parents compare and contrast a traditional classroom lesson to a personalized learning lesson.  We are committed to providing instruction that meets the needs of all students.  A personalized learning approach will allow us to do so.  We have begun this journey to personalized learning through intervention and enrichment groups.  Each elementary student participates in these groups at least three time per week.  They work with other students with similar abilities in a small group and focus on specific skills either providing enrichment or intervention strategies.  At UAS Elementary, we take an “all hands on deck” approach to educating students.  During these groups, multiple teachers work with the small groups to lower the student/teacher ratio .  This provides more intensive instruction to each student.  We are very excited about where we are headed with personalized learning and will continue to share information with parents as our programs continue to change.


Calendar of Events

Monday, Nov.19  Day A

Tuesday, Nov. 20 Day B, Early Release Tuesday

Wednesday, Nov. 21 Day C, PTSO Thanksgiving feast


Weekly Chat

You may remember I define “culture of excellence” as finding ways for students to achieve their personal best.  One way that we have focused on this in the last couple of months is restructuring our Arabic department.  I sent out some information last week but I have outlined the program in more detail here.



In our November Elementary Principal’s Coffee Morning we will discuss how the UAS Elementary School is using student data to inform instruction. Students take several assessments throughout the year and each one gives teachers valuable information that can be used to personalize learning for your child. During this session we will provide an overview of the assessments (such as MAP, Fountas & Pinnell reading assessment, etc.) and how each is used by teachers to support your child’s learning.  Please come at 8AM this Tuesday, November 13th, in elementary library on level 2.

The parent-teacher booking system is now open on Synergetic. Conferences will take place on Wednesday Nov 14 and Thursday Nov 15 (8:00am-4:00pm). When you login to your portal page here you will see where to click to access the booking system. If you are having technical problems please contact

The booking system will close on Sunday Nov 11 at 4:00pm. Once you have made your bookings, please print a copy of your appointments and bring it with you to the conferences.

Also remember that teachers are located in rooms on different floors and in the MPH. When making your bookings, you should keep in mind the room allocations so that you do not need to change floors between each appointment. Rooms beginning with a 1 are on the ground floor. Rooms beginning with a 2 are on the middle floor and rooms beginning with a 3 are on the top floor. Rooms in the MPH will begin with an M followed by a number. Parents who have children in the High, Middle and Elementary should also be mindful of clashes between appointment times.

Please click here for instructions on how to book your appointments.



Beginning on Monday, Nov. 19th, UAS will be starting practice for our Junior Scorpions Track and Field team.  Like all of our Junior Scorpion programs, the team is free to sign up and all student are welcome to join, as long as they are in grades 4, 5, or 6.  During this program students will learn all of the rules and skills associated with track and field. They will also receive a tremendous amount of fitness in a fun and safe environment.

This program will last 7 weeks and during those 7 weeks there will be practice every Monday and Wednesday from 3:20pm – 4:30pm.  In these 7 weeks the students will also be able to participate in two Jamborees. One will be Wednesday, Dec. 5th at ASD and the second will be Saturday, Jan. 26th also at ASD.

During the jamborees the Junior Scorpion kit must be worn.  If the kit was not already purchased for Junior Scorpions soccer, then it can be purchased at the school store for AED 126, including tax.  The kit comes with a shirt and shorts.

This year we have four coaches for the program.  They are Asha Burton (HS PE), Nick Boucher (MS Learning Support), Briana Thomas (7th Grade Social Studies and English), and Darlene Tezdiker (Substitute Teacher).

Please register your student by using the google form below.

JR Scorpions Track and Field Registration

Please know that Semester 1 tuition should be paid in full by now, as well as any outstanding debts from last year.  Any Middle or High School parent who remains in arrears as of Monday, November 12th will not have access to their child’s reports.  We will also have to restrict student access to our web-based learning platforms including Google Classroom and Class Dojo. We absolutely hate having to disrupt any of our children’s learning.  Please help us continue to support your child by reconciling any unpaid tuition this week.

For families who need to spread tuition payments, I strongly urge you to take advantage of the benefits of the Al-Futtaim Credit Card.  Tuition can be paid in 12 monthly installments, there is no interest for 1 year and you get 5% cash back. It’s a great deal that can make paying your tuition much more manageable.

Congratulations to our elementary swim team!  They did an amazing job at their swim meet this weekend!

Calendar of Events

Sunday, Nov. 11th

  • Day A

Monday, Nov. 12th

  • Day B

Tuesday, Nov. 13th

  • Day C
  • Diabetes Awareness Month-wear blue and dress down day
  • ES Coffee morning 8AM
  • Early Release Tuesday 2PM

Wednesday, Nov. 14th

  • Parent Teacher Conferences-no school for students
  • Director’s Coffee 4:00-5:00pm

Thursday, Nov. 15th

  • Parent Teacher Conferences-no school for students
  • Director’s Coffee 8:00-9:00am

Sunday, Nov. 18th

  • Prophet’s Birthday-no school for students and staff


Weekly Chat

Culture of Excellence

Thank you to everyone that participated in the wonderful events at school last week.  Here are some highlights.



Emirates Flag Day


Breast Cancer Awareness Walkathon

 Early Emergent Literacy Program


Since the beginning of the school year, we have received feedback regarding the Arabic program in the elementary division.  Some of the concerns I heard were regarding the differing levels of students in the classes, the lack of communication with parents, and the lack of set curriculum in the classroom.  We have heard your concerns and researched best practices regarding Arabic instruction.  We have come up with a solution that we feel will be the best way to teach Arabic to our students.  As a first step, we have decided to regroup the students based on their ability levels. We are also working with the Arabic teachers to create curriculum for each level and assessments to measure students’ progress.  We started with regrouping 2nd/3rd grade students and plan on doing the same for all grades.  Our next phase will be 4th/5th grade students.  Students in grades 2 and 3 may be grouped together based on their ability level.  We will do something similar with grades 4 and 5.  There will be more information to come and you will be contacted by your new Arabic teachers.

Calendar of Events

Sunday, Nov. 4th  

  • Day B

Monday Nov. 5th

  • Day C

Tuesday Nov. 6th

  • Day A
  • Early Release Tuesday

Wednesday, Nov. 7th

  • Day B

Thursday, Nov. 8th

  • Day C

Monday, Nov. 12th

  • PTSO Diabetes Awareness Morning Coffee-7:45am

Tuesday, November 13th

  • Elementary Parent Morning Coffee-8:00am

Wednesday, November 14th

  • Parent conferences-no school for students

Thursday, November 15th

  • Parent Conferences-no school