Parental Input Form Link Updated

We apologize for the error on the link; it has been updated and should work now.

2018-2019 Class Rosters

It is that time of the year that the administrative team in partnership with classroom teachers begin the process of establishing class rosters for the upcoming school year.  As in the past, parental input concerning the learning needs of your child is welcome. Please access this link to a Google Form, Parental Input, to record your needs.  This form is in lieu of the “card” process that had been utilized the past few years.

Please be advised that specific teacher requests will not be honored.  Because there will be fewer homeroom sections at each grade level due to a lesser enrollment for next school year, student “friend” placement will be extremely difficult.  Thus, this item will not be on the Parental Input form (please note the counselors will have significant input into the placement process to ensure students will be socially and emotional successful).

2018-2019 class roster are expected to be posted during the week of August 27th.

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