Week of May 14, 2018

Dear Parents and Families of UAS Elementary School!

The Ramadan Schedule will go into effect once the Ramadan timing is formalized.  An email will be sent to all UAS families to confirm the start of the Ramadan School Schedule.  A reminder that the school day will be 8:00 am to 1:00 pm for all UAS students (PreK-G12). At the ES division students will be escorted from the ES playground to their homeroom at 7:50 am every morning.

Thank you all for your support!  Last school week had several culminating activities that demonstrated the active engagement students possess within their learning at UAS.

  • PYP Grade 5 Exhibition – Grade 5 students demonstrated their personal knowledge, passion and accountable “action”.  After each group presented earlier in the week to the public at Festival City Mall, the individual group members debriefed their learning “takeaways” with two school faculty members.  What an amazing experience for both the students and faculty!
  • Grade 4 conducted the end of PYP Unit of Inquiry with students presenting a “Living Museum” of their historical person of choice.  The students conveyed the biographical and historical information with the passion and perspective as if they were that person.  The student work was outstanding!
  • ES Annual Spelling Bee took place on Thursday…the competition was exhilarating!
    • Ms. Fox, Spelling Bee Coordinator, congratulates all the participants and finalists who ALL did an amazing job! The Spelling Bee winners were:
      • Grade 3 Winner: Ibrahim Elias 3GK
      • Grade 3 Second Place: Rayyan Dawood 3GK
      • Grade 4 Winner: Khalid Alzaml 4AJ
      • Grade 4 Second Place: Ali Al Shouli 4AT
      • Grade 5 Winner:  Mariska Nettikaden 5SS
      • Grade 5 Second Place: Aya Fadlallah 5EY
      • Overall Winner: Mariska Nettikaden….Congratulations!  And the winning word was HALLUCINATIONS!!

Overview of Principal Coffee held on Wednesday, May 9th

  • Ms Barbara Dorn, UAS SEND Coordinator, gave an overview if the school’s student support programs, individual student support process and the status of UAS’s Gifted Talented Program development.
  • David Jones, Assistant Principal, held a dialog regarding student eating habits at lunchtime within the cafeteria.  David presented pictures of current student choices for lunch which generated much discussion of nutritional needs of our children.  David will continue this discussion with parents in the coming future.
  • Parents in attendance held a dialog concerning Home-School Parent Communication Needs.  Parents gave their ideas on platforms for communication, frequency of communication and types of information desired. This information will be incorporated into next year’s procedures for Home-School communication.  
    • The types of information requested were the following:
      • Unified information amongst all ES teachers
      • More specific details of classroom curriculum, student work/expectations on a weekly basis
      • Post pictures of work completed in class
      • More postings from special classes (art, music, and PE), Arabic and Islamic Studies

On behalf of the UAS ES staff, thank you for allowing us the opportunity to work with your child…as one can tell, your child is actively engaged within their education at UAS!

David Dorn and David Jones

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