Week of April 29, 2018

Hello Parents and Families of UAS Elementary School Students!

As we all have noticed the “Warmer Weather” is settling upon us!  Please ensure that your child brings a hat and water bottle to school for outside recess activities.  Even though UAS has incorporated additional covered areas for recess this school year, the hats are a requirement for students playing in the direct sunlight.  Most importantly, Mr. Jones will be monitoring the temperatures and has a specific plan if/when the temperature is an extreme for outdoor recess.

Hag Al Laila Celebration

This coming Tuesday, May 1st, our elementary school “Moms” in collaboration with the High School Emirati Club will host a celebration for the UAS traditional celebration for “Hag Al Laila”  

Emirati children are celebrating a tradition that is hundreds of years old to mark the arrival of Ramadan, known as Hag Al Laila.  The annual event, which means ‘For this Night’, is one of the Emirati traditional celebrations in the middle of Sha’aban, the eighth month of the Islamic Hijri calendar, which sees children going from door-to door to sing and collect sweets and treats from neighbors, who have been preparing for the occasion throughout the week.

For the UAS Elementary School Celebration, our ES Moms and Emirati Club have organized the following:

  • All ES students are asked to wear traditional “celebratory” clothes to school on Tuesday, May 1st.
  • The Grade 3 students will parade through the elementary hallways singing a Hag Al Laila song as taught by the Emirati Club in grade 3 music classes this week.  All Pre K through Grade 5 students will gather outside their classrooms to observe this parade. (if a family does not wish their grade 3 child to participate, please contact Mr. Dorn).
  • Upon conclusion of the parade both the ES Moms and HS Emirati Club will distribute candy to all ES students within the students’ classrooms.
  • Additionally, the HS Emirati Club has set up festive tents to promote cultural awareness, holiday activities and festive foods that grade 3 through grade 5 students may visit during the school day.
  • To assist with this celebration, UAS Elementary School Moms are also seeking donations of bags of candy (no nuts, individually wrapped) during Sunday and Monday of this week.  If you are so inclined, please deliver to either the ES Office or your child’s homeroom teacher.

This past week UAS ES held two big school events.  First, Grade 4 performed a musical program under the direction of ms Austin, UAS grade 4 music teacher.  The students sang, played Orff instruments and demonstrated their skills with the “Recorder”. The students performed outstandingly!

The Student Voice Group Assemblies

Students from the Student Voice group presented this past week on topics related to issues or needs that students and teachers chose as important topics. The Student Voice Core Team members worked hard and enlisted help from Student Voice Very Important Voice members in creating and presenting their presentation. We’re very proud of their efforts to put on an assembly; they received many compliments from teachers and students.

At the assembly Mr. Jones also discussed the implementation of SUPER Scorpion Tickets, which is one phase of continually improving our already strong school-wide culture and climate. Students will receive a ticket when any adult in the ES building ‘catches’ them doing something that is SUPER. SUPER stands for Safe, United, Principled, Engaged, and Respectful.

Exhibition Corner

PYP Exhibition is now only a week away! Students have been working hard and are going to be spending this week preparing to display their learning at Dubai Festival City Mall. What an exciting week it will be! Be sure to mark your calendars and stop by to show your support for our Grade 5 students next week.


Sunday, May 6 from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Monday, May 7 from 8:30 am – 2:00 pm

Dubai Festival City Mall – Kid Zone – just up the escalators near Cafe Nero


Exciting News for Parent Workshops for Early Years!

PreK Parents-Save the date: May 6th at 7:30am-9:00am

PreK Teachers are excited to present the first set of workshops that will contain information, strategies and tips for you as parents to help ensure there is a home-school connection. Workshop topics include: Reading, Toilet Training, Sleep, Separation, Play and Language, Self Regulation & Transition to KG1. Hope to see you all there. Please click here to sign up.

KG1 Parents-Save the date: May 15th at 7:30am-9:00am

The KG-1 Teachers are proud to present the first KG-1 parent workshop with tips and strategies for home routines and keys skills for transitions into KG2. Parents will join groups that show them practical ways to help their child at home with reading, literacy and math. If you have not already signed up then, please click here to sign up.


Finally, this Thursday, May 3rd, is Teacher Appreciation Day.  Our teachers are amazing!!  Please take a moment to acknowledge their dedicated and passionate work with your child with your teacher…they will greatly appreciate your kind words!

Life is FANTASTIC at UAS Elementary School!

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