Week of October 15 – Walk-A-Thon and Field Trip on October 19

Dear Parents and Families of UAS Elementary School,

Highlights from Last Week

  • This past week UAS completed its fall MAP assessment process.  Your student’s teacher will have the MAP results in a report format for you during the Fall Parent-Teacher Conferences (PTCs) coming in November.  
  • Also this past week Ms. Rianne Fox (ES ELL teacher) hosted the year’s first Mother-Tongue Read Aloud; a mom volunteered to read two Chinese story books to a group of 20 of our Chinese students…what fun!
  • UAS ES Choir ASA is taking off like rockets!  As David and I were supervising recess this week, we kept hearing a chorus of students singing as they walked around the playground.  When asked, they said they are part of Ms. Austin’s (new UAS ES music teacher) ASA choir…they could sing enough accolades of that ASA!
  • Mr. Osama will be back this Sunday!  Mr. Osama, UAS Arabic teacher, was out the past few weeks due to serious family illness needing his support in Egypt.  The ES is glad he is back with us and we wish his Egyptian family the best.

Book Club-Read Naturally Program

One elementary school reading intervention designed to increase our student reading levels as indicated within the MAP assessment is “Reading Club”.  This program is not an additional curricular program; rather it is designed to reinforce classroom instruction within reading.  Students not enrolled in Islamic Studies go to  Reading Club in lieu of Journalism (Journalism is no longer a class at the ES); Reading Club is a research based reading program named Read Naturally.  Students practice their reading fluency, comprehension skills and enhance vocabulary through this program.  

For those students enrolled in Islamic Studies in grades 1 though 5 the Read Naturally Program will be offered via 2 options:

  • Option 1 – If an Islamic Studies student has a MAP reading score below the grade level mean, he/she will be invited into an after school ASA program for Read Naturally.
  • Option 2 – If an Islamic Studies student is at or above the MAP grade level reading score, she/he may request to be in the Read Naturally ASA.  The enrollment would be based upon license availability.

PTSO Breast Cancer Awareness Walk-A-Thon

This Thursday, October 19th, UAS PTSO is sponsoring a Breast Cancer Awareness Walk-A-Thon for students in grades 2 through 11.  Beginning at 8:05 a.m. the High School will begin its loop around the UAS campus with Middle School and Elementary School having a staggered start from that time.  Grades 2 & 3 are expected to begin around 8:20 and Grades 4 &5 beginning around 8:25ish.  The students will loop around the campus with support from parents and other students with water, cheers, etc.!  This will be a Dress Down Thursday all students will be asked to wear some “pink” demonstrating the support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  It will be a fun walk for an outstanding cause!

Student Voice and Engagement

This week Russell Quaglia and associate will be on campus.  Mr. Quaglia has been working with UAS for the past 1½ years on our “Student Voice Initiative”.  Russell and associate will be meeting with faculty, students and observing classes; the focus is the promotion of student engagement and voice within the students’ learning process.  This Tuesday, Mr. Quaglia will be working with faculty in promoting faculty classroom walk-throughs; this is a process where faculty team-up to visit each class and provide feedback to each other on the degree, type and student engagement observed within a teacher’s classroom learning environment.  The process is an outstanding reflective practice that promotes faculty collaboration, a focus on our students and a dialog on engaging students with their learning.

Within our elementary division, Mr. Jones, ES Assistant Principal, and Ms. Sambola, PYP Coordinator, are in the process of establishing a 4th and 5th grade Student Voice/Council group.  The purpose of this group of students will be to gather information about our school, discuss their perceptions of how UAS can better meet the needs of our students, gather input on issues such as school lunch, school assemblies, school spirit and solicit their assistance with student-student interactions.  Last year’s Student Voice Committee provided positive feedback and felt engaged within their own educational environment; our goal is to continue and enhance their engagement!


  • Grade 4 Field trip this Thursday, October 19 at 10:30 a.m.  The team will be traveling to the Ethiad Museum as part of their PYP Unit of Study
  • Please remember healthy snacks!  With Halloween fast approaching and the store having bags and bags of candy…that candy would not be an appropriate school snack or dessert for school lunch.  The “sugar high” quickly fades into massive tiredness.  Please have your children bring protein bars, fruit, vegetables and other protein items for snack (as well as lunch). Please feel free to pack a healthy after school snack as well!

Have a great week…UAS is the best school in Dubai…because of your children!!!

David Dorn & David Jones


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