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Hello Parents and Families of UAS’s Elementary School!

Thank you for your support and attendance this past Monday for the ES Back to School Night.  The faculty and staff very much enjoyed seeing all who attended and having the opportunity to make that “personal” connection with you.  We hope the new BTSN format to met your family needs; a survey will be sent out within the week to ask for your feedback to this year’s format, classroom informational presentations and your suggestions for next year’s event.  Please watch for the Google Survey…your feedback will be greatly appreciated and valued.

After School Activities

This past Thursday marks the end of the first week of ASAs!  What a great week for our students with after school activities.  Ms. Sarah Ghanem has done a superb job of developing an ASA program with a variety of offerings to meet the differentiated needs of our students!  These activities range from sports activities to craft activities to academic activities to academic extension activities…if you have not had the opportunity view all the offerings, please do so…you will be impressed.  

Ms. Sarah and I chatted about students needing nourishment at the end of the day; students should bring snacks to their ASAs…a healthy and small snack is quite appropriate within the 10-15 minute transition time to ASAs.

Ms. Ghanem has a few requests:

  • Any outstanding ASA payments must be paid as soon as possible to ensure your child’s registration for the ASA.
  • If your child is registered for a specific ASA but doesn’t wish to participate, please inform me. This will enable other students to attend the ASA who are currently on a waiting list.
  • Please be on time or a bit earlier to collect your child: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday & Thursday at 4:15pm & Tuesday at 3:15pm
  • Students waiting for parent pick-up will be located in the school lobby.  

UAS Elementary School Family Handbook

Please read and store the ES Family Handbook.  Our school calendar, operating procedures and school information are located within this document.  After reviewing, if you have any questions, please email David Dorn or Janel Blakely for clarifications.

Parent Volunteer Needed

Our school is seeking a parent volunteer who speaks fluent Korean and English.  Several students have entered our school whose mother tongue is Korean and do not possess English language.  The volunteer would work with teachers and students in support of classroom academic translations as the student progresses in English language acquisition.  If interested please contact David Dorn at

Upcoming Events:

  • Continued MAP testing for grades 1, 3, 4 and 5 (Grade 1 will be assessed in both reading and math; grades 3-5 will be assessed in science)
  • The ES Principal’s Coffee will be on Wednesday, October 11th to be held in the Elementary School Library from 8:00 am to 9:00 am.  The main topic will be Bully Prevention Month program presented by the UAS ES counselors Ms. St Amour and Mr. Fields
  • The Director’s Forum will be held on Thursday, October 12th from 8:00 am to 9:30 am
  • ES Halloween Parade will be on Thursday, October 26 at 8:00 am (more information will be coming)
  • 4 Day Weekend for all UAS students with no school on Sunday, October 29 and Monday, October 30

Life at UAS elementary school is outstanding because of our students!  Have a great week!

David Dorn & David Jones

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