Supporting a TCF School in Pakistan

Dear Parents,

UAS is aiming to support a TCF school in Pakistan and willing to fundraise money to run one academic year of the school. Last year you participated with the mosque project which was successful and the mosque is now built in Kyrgyzstan.

We would like you to contribute to this project as 182 kids in the worst and most poverty area of Pakistan will get the benefit of education.

We have donation coupons booklets; each booklet has 10 coupons, each coupon values 20 dhs. The total of money that each booklet makes 200 dhs. We would like you to encourage your son/daughters to participate in this charitable project by fundraising money from family, neighbors and friends. This campaign is approved by Islamic affairs and charitable department in Dubai no.364.

When you donate, please choose one of the followings:  I enclose ………………… dhs in the envelope. I don’t need donation vouchers.  I enclose ………………… dhs in the envelope, please send me the donation vouchers gainst the paid amount.

Envelopes were sent home with your children this week. If you would like to donate before the end of the school year, please send money back to school to the homeroom teacher

If you would like to donate a larger amount please contact Ayman Fayez at


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