ES Principal’s Update: May 21 – 25, 2017

Hello Elementary School Families and Students!

There was so much happening last week at UAS – it was a true time for celebration!

Exhibition Culmination: Last Wednesday was the PYP 5th Grade Exhibition Day. This was the culminating experience for elementary students who have participated in the PYP program from the early years program through grade 5. Our students demonstrated themselves as consumers of information with the purpose of generating new personal learning plus the intellectual ability to act upon their learning with a positive contribution to the world around them. Our 5th graders truly modeled and enacted the PYP Learner Profile! For those of you who attended Wednesday’s Exhibition within the MPH you witnessed the “awesome” learning of our students and the outcome of quality teaching, coaching and facilitating by our 5th grade teaching staff! A “goose bump” congratulation to our 5th grade students and faculty for their outstanding work.

Cultural Breakfast Feast: Thank you as well to our grade 3 families who joined us of the Grade 3 Cultural Breakfast on Thursday. The children displayed the Risk-Taker attribute of the PYP Learner Profile when the sampled food from around the world! Everybody walked away not on full of food, but also full of satisfaction that they tried something new!

Elementary Morning Musical Performances: We are so proud of the elementary students who volunteered to play music in the lobby of our school last week. Each morning from Monday to Thursday there were anywhere from 4-6 students performing songs on instruments they currently take lessons on. These instruments ranged from piano to guitar to violin. It was a lovely addition to our morning routines here at UAS!

The week of May 21st continues with celebrations of our students and school. Below are a few important upcoming dates:

  • The Class of 2017 celebrates the end of their high school journey with their graduation commencement program on Sunday, May 21. Congratulations to the graduates, their families and their teachers for the achievement of such an important milestone within the lives of these students. Congratulations Class of 2017 and Best Wishes!
  • The PreK Class of 2017 will hold its end of the students first year in school celebration on Thursday, May 25th at 8:00 in the UAS cafeteria. Thanks to our families for the trust placed within UAS for the care and initial school experience for their children. And a special thank you to UAS faculty Ms Lawrence, Ms King, Ms Waldo, Mr. Kevin and Ms Crystal for a job well done!
  • The 5th grade will celebrate their transition from an elementary school setting to a middle school setting for the next academic year. The Transition Ceremony celebration will occur on Wednesday, May 24 at 9:00 in the MPH. A note of thanks for a job well done to Ms Beram, Ms Green, Mr Hempstead, Ms Werner and MS Jenn for their dedication and commitment to the quality educational program our 5th grade students received this year.
  • Prior to the Ceremony, all grade 5 parents are invited to a meeting with UAS Middle School counselors at 8:00 in the MPH to discuss the “transition” process from grade 5 to grade 6.
  • The Memory Book orders forms are due this week for students in KG1 – Grade 5 if you are interested. Students in grades KG1 – Grade 5 will have the opportunity to create a memory book to mark their current time in the journey of life.  You will need to sign up online this week and send the required fee to cover the supplies to the elementary office by the this week. Thank you to our volunteer moms for bringing this project forward!

On a final note Ms Amanda and I on behalf of the UAS Elementary School staff thank the PTSO for their support and their hosting of the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon last Thursday. The food, conversation and kindness were greatly valued by all UAS staff!

Life is very good at UAS ES!

David and Amanda

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