ES Principal’s Update: May 14 – 18, 2017

Hello Parents, Students and families of UAS Elementary School!

A very warm thanks to our Emirati parents for their wonderful organization, festive decorations and “treats” for their work on celebration of Hal Al Leila. The hallways were decorated very nice, the informational posters were a gathering point, the parade was fantastic and the kids enjoyed the tradition of their treats…Thank you!

Send in a Hat with your Child’s Name Written Inside
Wow! The weather is becoming quite heat intense. The school conducts “indoor” recess as the “Real Feel” temperature hits 45 degrees. The ES administrative team monitors this with a very watchful eye prior to the recess times. It is very important that parents supply their children with hats (a must on the playground due to the UV index spiking around lunch recess) and a water bottle. Children must wear their hats during outdoor recess. If children do not have a hat they will be isolated to the covered playground area for their UV protection. All families’ assistance is greatly appreciated to provide all children with a safe outdoor recess experience.

Packing a Snack and a Lunch
It is important that snacks be quite healthy and “ONLY” eaten at the designated morning snack time. It appears that many students are eating their full lunch during the morning snack time, thus they have no nutrition for the remaining 5 hours of school…not a good thing for a child. Please help your child plan their nutrition with a brief morning snack of healthy items (fruit, vegetables) and a healthy and consistent nutritional lunch. A sound nutritional timeline would be a good breakfast before school—a nutritional snack in the morning—a sound lunch at noontime—a snack in the late afternoon.

Elementary School Dress Down Day to Support Grade 5 Exhibition Projects: May 15th
In support of the Grade 5 Exhibition projects, the elementary school will have an optional Dress Down day on Monday, May 15th. Students may choose to wear blue, green, pink, white or black. If students dress down, we ask that they bring in 5 AED to participate in this dress down day.

The Grade 5 students will use the money to:

  • promote more recycling within our community (blue/green)
  • support families of kidnapped children (black)
  • support an organization who has had loved ones impacted by cancer (black)
  • breast cancer research (pink)
  • support the education of children living in poverty (white)

We are so proud of our Grade 5 students and their Exhibition projects. Please help them take action by supporting their causes by contributing during the upcoming dress down day.

This Week’s Events

  • Continued MAP testing
  • 5th Grade PYP Exhibition on Wednesday, May 17 all day in the MPH
  • Optional Drawing by Me deadline is Monday, May 15
  • Grade 3 Cultural Breakfast on Thursday, May 18
  • Grade 3 Field Trip

Thank you for being a part of our vibrant community and have a wonderful week!


David and Amanda

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