Class Placement Process 2017/2018

Student Information for 2017-2018
Elementary Classroom Placement
Optional Parent Form

April 17, 2017

During the upcoming weeks, the elementary school will begin creating class lists for the 2017-2018 school year. When planning classrooms for next year the Class Placement Team will divide the children into balanced groups. Class lists will then be posted the day before the first day of school.

Creating well-balanced, heterogeneous classroom groups is our comprehensive goal at UAS. Some, not all, of the more important factors in creating that balance include:

  • balanced number of boys and girls
  • strong English skills vs. less developed English skills
  • a mix of students from varying academic levels
  • a good social blend of students
  • representation from various nationalities

We want your child to flourish while attending Universal American School and your input as our partner in education is important.  This optional online form is where you can provide additional information to assist the school in the class placement of your child for the 2017-2018 school year. If you choose to provide input for the class placement process, please complete the online form no later than Thursday, April 27th. The information you provide will be shared with the Classroom Placement Team, which includes the current and future grade level teams, counselors, and administration.

We respectfully ask that parents not make requests for a specific teacher. As the school grows, teachers shift grade levels, some leave, and new teachers arrive, the best way for you to provide input into the process is via this feedback form. UAS is committed to employing teachers who are well qualified and able to meet the needs of all students enrolled at the school. Requests for a specific teacher will not be considered, as all UAS students should be able to be successful in any one of our classroom communities.

UAS is committed to providing an excellent teaching team and will ensure that your child is placed into a well-balanced classroom. We will consider the information you provide when placing your child, however the information provided does not guarantee placement in a specific teacher’s classroom.

Thank you for your continued support,

David Dorn
Elementary Principal

Amanda DeCardy
Elementary Assistant Principal



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