February 2017 archive

ES Principal’s Update: Feb. 19 – 23, 2017

Hello Parents, Families and Students of UAS Elementary School!

One has to enjoy the rain and cool Dubai weather! Last week, the students enjoyed the days of light rain as they relaxed during recess time! They love the feel of the rain, catching drops on their tongue and playing in the wet sand…the joy of life as a young person experiences it!

This weekend the UAS ES staff was sent an article from the Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) that focused on a student’s prior knowledge as a significant force within their literacy (both in reading and writing) development. In summary, the article stated that reading comprehension, deep thinking, and an individual’s creativity strongly rely on the person’s wealth of background experiences, an understanding of those experiences and the application of that prior knowledge to a future learning opportunity. Your home is a significant place of learning for your child; as your family talks about the rain, challenges of the UAS Sports Day or your family’s travel experiences, please note that these are real educational opportunities –  especially for future learning.

Last week was the Elementary School’s Annual Sport’s Day competition amongst like grade levels. Wow, all had fun! Mr. Calandra and Mr. Chip, UAS ES PE teachers, designed and facilitated a slew of fun and physically motivating activities that promoted sportsmanship, gamesmanship and individual competition. By the end of each day, the grade levels that participated within that day were quite tired and happy…it must have been a quiet evening at home that night!

Also last week, the 4th grade had a two-day outing for their overnight camp experience. Ms. Ryan, Ms. Davy, Ms. Deborah and their students enjoyed researching the mangroves, completing a ropes course and evening camp activities, plus much more.

A special event for this week within UAS’s celebration of Literacy Month is Dads and Donuts for first and second grades! Your child’s teacher’s blog should have the day and time for the classroom invite.

Life is good at UAS ES!
David and Amanda

Grade 4 Camp Update!

Our Grade 4 kids have had a full day of adventure! Students, counselors and teachers visited the mangroves on their way to camp and discovered much about the ecosystem. They are now at camp and are settling in for dinner and a few evening activities. The grade 4 teachers have shared out a folder of photos on their blogs… you can keep an eye on that folder as they continue to uploads pictures.

The busses will arrive back at UAS tomorrow around 2:30. You are welcome to pick your child up at that time or you may have them take their regularly scheduled bus home. They will be ready for a weekend of rest after Sports Day and camp for two days!

ES Principal’s Upate: Feb. 12 – 15, 2017

Hello Parents and Families of UAS Elementary School!

WOW was last week a stupendous week for UAS students!

Last Tuesday, the first grade under the direction of Ms. Lauren Corarito (Ms. Cor) performed the musical program “Squirm”. The first graders accomplished an excellent performance that was much appreciated by the “full house” of parents, students and family friends! The students demonstrated their budding theatrical and musical skills…the future looks bright for UAS’s music program!

Also last week, our UAS fifth grade left home and school for their 3 day camp experience. Wow did they have an action, educational and fun packed three-day experience! The students built and floated rafts, snorkeled, completed a “ropes course”, learned about local animals, slept in dorm style rooms and had a very energetic and fun-learning experiences as verified by the pictures and chatting with students/staff upon their return. Thank you 5th grade teachers for creating such a once in a lifetime learning experience!

This week (February 12 through February 15) holds one more action packed week for UAS students!

  • The 4th grade students will experience their first overnight camp experience this Tuesday and Wednesday February 14-15).
  • UAS Elementary School Sports Days located on the football pitch behind the gym:
    Monday, February 13 will be grades 4 & 5
    Tuesday, February 14 will be grades 2 & 3
    Wednesday, February 15 will be for KG2 and Grade 1
  • And a reminder this is a 4-day school week with a school holiday on Thursday, February 16th. The students and their families will have a 3-day weekend!

Later this month, UAS kicks off “Literacy Month”! Please watch for upcoming information as to the upcoming activities to include Dads & Donuts and Moms & Muffins…2 great ways for you to come in and join in the celebration of literacy with you child.

As one can tell, Life is Good at UAS Elementary School!

David and Amanda

A Look Ahead…. Save the Date!

  • February 19, 2017: Elementary Swim Team Hosts a Meet @ UAS
  • February 22, 2017: Make Up Photo Day
  • February 26, 2017: UAS Blood Drive in the MPH
  • February 26, 2017: Read It Forward Begins!
  • March 2, 2017: Dress as Your Favorite Book Character Day!

Elementary Arabic Book Fair This Week!

In support of our upcoming UAS Literacy Month, the elementary library, in partnership with Sara Book Shop, will sponsor our first elementary Arabic Book Fair on February 12-15!  The fair will offer quality fiction at various elementary levels.

Where: The hallway outside the elementary library.

Arabic Class Visit Schedule: Below is a schedule for when your child’s Arabic class will visit the book fair so that you may send money in on the specified day to purchase books.

Parents Welcome! Alternatively, you may visit WITH your child after school up until 4:00.

We look forward to seeing you there!


  • KG2: Ms. Rima and Ms. Hend
  • G1: Ms. Hadeel, Ms. Rima, Ms. Hind
  • G2: Ms. Rasha and Ms. Rabab
  • G3: Ms. Rima
  • G4: All Classes
  • G5: Ms. Hadeel


  • KG2: Ms. Rima and Ms. Rola
  • G1: Ms. Rima and Ms. Rola
  • G2: Ms. Hadeel and Ms. Hind
  • G3: Ms. Rabab and Ms. Hadeel


  • KG2: Mr. Osama
  • G1: Ms. Heba, Ms. Hadeel, Ms. Hind, Ms. Rasha
  • G3: Ms. Rima
  • G5: Ms. Rabab and Mr. Osama


  • KG2: Ms. Hind and Ms. Rabab
  • G2: Ms. Hind and Ms. Heba
  • G3: Ms. Rasha and Ms. Heba
  • G5: Ms. Hadeel, Ms. Heba and Ms. Rasha


Grade 5 Camp Morning Update and ETA!

Good morning to our Grade 5 Families!

Our teacher and students have checked in this morning and things are going “swimmingly”. They had a very full day yesterday where students braved Jacob’s Ladder and played cooperative games in the water. The smiles on their faces are truly infectious.

The busses are scheduled to arrive back at UAS @ 2:30 this afternoon. Parents may come to school to pick their children up OR children can take their regularly scheduled school bus home. They will certainly be ready for a weekend of rest.

Thank you for your support of our grade 5 teachers and students! This has been a fantastic bonding experience for them and given the students that much more courage to venture into middle school.

Enjoy your weekend with your children!

Grade 5 Camp Update!

Good morning from all of our grade 5 teachers, chaperones and students!

Students are awake and starting their first full day!  Their teeth are brushed and healthy meals are getting them ready for more adventures today. The reports they are sending back to school indicate they are having fun, learning about each other and learning about themselves. From squid dissections to rock climbing, our students are having a positive experience as they begin to wrap up their elementary schooling. Please see a few of their highlights from yesterday and this morning… we’ll have another update tomorrow morning, including their expected arrival time back at school.

Enjoy the day!

ES Principal’s Update February 5 – 9, 2017

Dear ES Parents, Families and Students,

Last week Ms. Cor, ES primary grades music teacher, and the 2nd grade performed an excellent musical program about our environment, “The Planet”. The students did an absolutely fantastic job within their performance! The audience comprised of parents, family member and UAS students thoroughly enjoyed the show. We took a side view video of the performance if you would like to share it with family and friends. You can access it here. This Tuesday, February 7th at 9 a.m. in the MPH, the 1st Grade will perform their show, Squirm”. If you are free, come and join us!

Parent Coffee Recap:
Last week Thursday, the monthly Parent Coffee was held. The topic was UAS PYP Programme with Ms. Larisa Sharifi, PYP Coordinator, as the presenter. The parents and Ms. Larisa engaged in a very good dialog about PYP, IB and educational practices. It was a fun time! If you have any questions or wish to chat about the PYP Programme, please contact Ms. Larisa; she would be very happy to talk with you.

Grade 5 Camp:
This week, our 5th grader will leave for their 3-day camp experience. Expect to see updates on the Elementary Principal’s blog once a day. Additionally, be sure to check the teacher blogs on Tuesday morning for emergency contact information. Keep in mind that the information shared is for emergencies only as we want all our students to bond with their counselors, teachers and peers during their camp experience. 4th grade students will be up next week!

Dental Screening:
All this week, students in KG1 – Grade 2 will have a check up with a dentist! Students had a Healthy Teeth/Healthy Gums Assembly early in the week and check-up visits are planned for the rest of the week. Look for the dental screening update to go home with your child on their scheduled visit day.

Sports Days Next Week:
Each of our classes will have a class color for our upcoming Sports Days! Please have your child wear a t-shirt in their assigned color on their Sports Day. Along with the assigned colored t-shirt, be sure your child brings a water bottle, a hat and wears a bit of sunscreen. The weather is perfect and we’re excited for our students to get out and be healthy! You can find the class color assignments here.

Grade 4 – Grade 5 Sports Day: Tuesday, February 13, 2017
Grade 2 – Grade 3 Sports Day: Wednesday, February 14, 2017
KG2 – Grade 1 Sports Day: Thursday, February 15, 2017

Arabic Book Fair Next Week!
In support of our upcoming UAS Literacy Month, the elementary library, in partnership with Sara Book Shop, will sponsor our first elementary Arabic Book Fair on February 12-15! The fair will offer quality fiction at various elementary levels. It will take place in the 2nd floor hallway outside the elementary library. Envelopes will be sent home later this week so that money may be sent back to school if you wish for your child to purchase a book. The suggested amount is AED 20-40. Alternatively, parents may join their children at the book fair as it will be open every day until 4:00pm. We look forward to seeing you there!

Thank you all for your support of our students and of UAS! We are proud to have you be a part of our community!

Have a great week!

David and Amanda

Information for a Parent Workshop

ALLCHILDRENINCLUDED – Presents a series of Open Meetings exploring different aspects of an integrative approach to a child with special needs

First Meeting on Wednesday 8th February
Authenticity Offices, Pinnacle Building, Sheikh Zayed Road.
6.30: refreshments
7 – 9.30: Talk and Discussion

Special Speakers;
Dr Zeinab  Ibrahim Alloub, Consultant Pediatrician Neurodevelopment Al Jalila Medical Centre


Dr Bariah Dardari M.D, ABP, FAAP
Head of Pediatric Department Al Zahra hospital Dubai
Zahra Hospital

‘What we wish every Parent knew about children’s assessments’
Topics being covered:
• The range of things looked at in an assessment
• Defining the problem
• Deciding the needs.
• What comes from all the assessment?
• Key issues – for Parents
• Key Issues – for supporting Professionals

Please RSVP via message to Margi on +971 55 8420434