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Halloween Festivities!

Thank you to all of our families who either came to watch the parade today and/or helped your children find the best costumes ever! We’ve put together a short video of the parade – you are most welcome to watch it with your children! Wishing you a Happy and Safe Halloween!

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Principal’s Update: October 30 – November 3, 2016

Dear Families of UAS Elementary School!

22423567618_62533c2d39_oHappy Halloween!!!! On Monday the ES students and staff will celebrate Halloween with our annual Halloween Costume Parade.

UAS Elementary is excited to host its annual Halloween Parade on Monday morning for our PreK-Grade 5 students. All parents are invited to join in watching the ES Costume Parade from the outdoor playground area…it should be fun!!

If you come to school, please be sure watch the parade from the back playground, as we will have all of the kids parading through the hallways so that they may see each other. Cones will be set up on the playground designating the path for students and for places for parents and family members to stand and observe. The PreK-KG2 students will begin the parade and will be on the back playground by 8:05. Grades 1 – 5 will follow them and be outside around 8:20. Please come and join us as we admire our students’ costumes!

Last week was a week of classroom activities. First grade classes went on a filed trip to observe butterflies within
their habitat. Both 2nd grade and 5th grade had Unit of Inquiry culminating performances. The second grade developed and performed “Garage Band” songs for parents and classmates alike! Fifth grade developed, wrote (both lyrics and music) and performed individual songs. Both grade level performances were very exciting and memorable to observe.

On a more somber note, Ms. Alison Backous, ES PE teacher, will be leaving us at the end of this week. Alison will be heading back to the United States with her fiancé to begin their life together. UAS will miss Alison and we thank her for all her all her work with our students…as you watch her 25375148123_a28efe1ec1_ointeract with students, you know that she has had a significant impact on many student lives. All of us at UAS, wish Alison and her fiancé the very best!

Ms. Teri Scott will be assisting in a substitute position within the PE teaching position. Ms. Scott has substituted at UAS on a regular basis, thus she knows our students, and she posses a physical education background.

A message from Leslie Baker, our ES FANTASTIC Librarian:

Dear UAS parents:

We have finally received additional copies of Chris White’s books, and earlier than we expected! I was able to connect with some schools in Abu Dhabi that had extra books so we can get them to your children this week. Thank you for being patient if you have been waiting for your order.

I have taken the liberty of making a “substitution” book (at the same price) if we did not have the title you requested. All three of Chris’ books contain a collection of funny poems with silly illustrations; the only major difference between the books is in the title (they are all the same price). We also made sure to affix a Chris White autograph to your child inside the book. I hope your child enjoys it!

However, if you received a “substitution” book and would like to return it and receive a refund instead, please contact me at lbaker@uasdubai.ae and I will take care of it right away. (You can also contact me to inquire about any extra copies—we received a few from other schools.) Thank you for your patience and for your enthusiasm and support of our library programs.

Yours in literacy,

Leslie Baker

Thank you all for your support of UAS! Have a wonderful week and enjoy your children!


David Dorn – Elementary Principal

Amanda DeCardy – Elementary Assistant Principal


Principal’s Update: October 23 – 27, 2016

Hello UAS Elementary School Families!

Wow!  It is hard to believe that the end of October is upon us within a week!  The school year has gotten off to a great start.  As you walk through our ES hallways, please take note of the student work proudly displayed throughout our school.  Many teachers have posted student work from the culmination of the first Unit of Inquiry… our students do fantastic work!

The next few weeks bring many events to UAS and the elementary division.  On Friday, galaNovember 4th, the UAS PTSO is hosting UAS’s 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner.  Tickets may be purchased from 2:30 pm onwards at the main reception area of the school.  Please come and join in this celebration…all will have good fun, food and friendship!


Elementary Halloween Parade

On Monday, October 31st, is the Elementary School Annual Halloween Parade!

Parents are invited to the school and may watch the parade from the elementary playground. The school will have cones set up to help guide our students through the route and to help parents know where to stand. Our early childhood classes will start off the parade shortly after 8am with KG2, KG1 and the PreK walking through the playground. (Bring your cameras!) Grades 1 – 5 will follow our early childhood classes at 8:15 and also walk through the playground. Please come and join us no matter the age of your child. This is a special day and the children really do love to dress up.



UAS Student Council Hosted Movie Night

This coming Thursday, October, 24th, the High School Student Government will host their second Movie Night for the school grades 4 through 12.  The movie advertisement can be found at the following link with permission slips available on Sunday. Note that permission slips must be turned in by Wednesday of this week in order for elementary students to attend the movie.


UAS Student Council Movie Trailer: https://youtu.be/pCsj3NL7guU


PTSO Popcorn Sale

popcornAlso on Thursday will be the monthly PTSO Popcorn sale.  The yummy treat will be on sale both in the school reception area and the ES playground area.


Student Pick Up Time

Finally, please be mindful of the 3:10 student pick-up time.  For grades 1 & 2, we ask that parents remain in the ground floor reception areas until 3:10 before picking up your child at their homeroom classroom.  There is much student traffic on the first floor during that time and your cooperation would assist in a smooth end of day experience for our students.

On behalf of the ES staff, we feel very proud and honored to serve your families!  Thank you for your confidence in our school!

Have a great week!

David Dorn and Amanda DeCardy


Principal’s Update: October 16 – 20, 2016

Hello UAS Elementary School Families!

Last Wednesday evening, the ES hosted its first of the year Parent Coffee gathering; thank you to all the parents who participated within the evening. The topics ranged from an overview of the start of the new school year, the new principal’s short-term goals, UAS/ES Arabic Language Program, homework policy for the elementary school, identification of future Coffee topics, student recess and home-school communications.

Parent Coffees
parent coffeeThe next meeting will occur on Wednesday, November 9th, at 8 a.m. in the UAS MPH
building. The topics will be the UAS ES counseling process for student relationship problem solving, an overview of the UAS Arabic Program to include Ministry requirements, and a question/answer period. For future meetings, minutes will be taken and posted following the Coffee; this will help all who missed the fun event, to have information about the conversations that took place. Thank you again to those who attended, you provided a very rich conversation!

Chris White

Visiting Author This Week!
This is a super week at UAS ES! Ms. Leslie, ES Librarian, has a visiting author coming to UAS. On Monday, October 17th, author Chris White will make grade level presentations for grade 4 at 8:00, grade 5 at 9:15, grades KG2 & 1 at 12:15 and finally grades 2 & 3 at 1:30. Please come and join us!

Respect the Start Time
I would like to reiterate last week’s blog message concerning the importance of arrival times. Currently, we have many students who have arrived late to school from 5 to 12 days within this short school year! This late arrival to the beginning of the school day not only has a negative impact on that child’s learning, but the other students within the class, as well. Time is the main variable for successful learning to occur; when children miss time in the classroom, either due to late arrivals, absences, or hallway travel, this negatively impacts the opportunity for successful learning to take place. At UAS we want to ensure that your child has the paramount opportunity to be academically successful both now and in their future!

UAS Elementary Shout Outs!

  • Congratulations to Grade 2 for their students’ public exhibition of the student created artifact for the first unit of inquiry. The 2nd graders “beamed” as they discussed their work with parents, teachers and other students. It was screenshot-2016-10-16-11-53-09fantastic! Be sure to checkout the Elementary Art Blog for insights into what all grade levels are experiencing in art class along with information about collaborative art events!
  • Over 3/4ths of the Elementary School teaching faculty have participated in weekend professional development over the past 3 weekends! Some have attended one weekend workshop, while many have attended workshops for 2 weekends. UAS has an outstanding teaching faculty who continually better their craft knowledge and skill set in order to better our students’’ educational program. Nice Work UAS ES Faculty!!

There will be no school for students this Wednesday, October 19th, and Thursday, October 20th due to continued professional development opportunities for UAS staff.

Have a Fantastic week and have a fun familiy 4-day weekend!

David Dorn
Amanda DeCardy

ES Principal’s Update: October 9 – 13, 2016

Dear Parents and Families of UAS’s Elementary School Students,

screenshot-2016-10-10-04-53-49On Wednesday evening, October 12th, beginning at 6 pm in the UAS Multi Purpose Hall, the ES will host its first Parent-School Coffee of the school year. Please come and join us!!!!

The first of the monthly Coffees will focus primarily on a Q & A for families to seek information or clarification from the school’s new administrative team; it is central to a student’s successful school year for both home and school to have a common understanding of the school’s program and first hand knowledge of the school’s day to day procedures. Future meetings will have specified informational sessions as well as Q&A sessions.

The importance of this type of meeting is critical to foster a robust partnership between the school and home to benefit the child and their educational experience. School-Home relationships that foster respect, build trust and seek to understand all perspectives provide our children with an optimum learning opportunity. When families and schools work hand in hand to develop strong relationships, students’ academic success, emotional well-being and self-image are significantly, beneficially impacted. Students then know that all the important people within their lives care about them and their success!

Also this week, fantastic events are occurring in the ES Library.

READ IT FORWARD (version 2.0!) kicks off this Sunday October 9! Students in grades PK-KG2 will hear “Kipper’s Little Friends” read aloud by their teacher today. They can then take turns bringing it home, signing it, and “reading it forward” to another friend who can do the same! The read-aloud in grades 1 & 2 is “Gilbert the Great”, and they do the same as students in PK-KG2. In grades 3, 4, and 5, three students per classroom receive a copy of a novel to be the “first” to read it; they read it, sign it, and pass it on (“read it forward”) to a friend! And it goes on and on! The grade 3 novel is Chris Cooper’s “Rascal: Trapped on the Tracks,” grade 4 is Andrew Clements’ “Frindle”, and grade 5 is Roald Dahl’s “Boy: Tales of Childhood.” Follow Conejo on Instagram (@conejolibraryrabbit) to see pictures of students “reading it forward”. READ IT…SIGN IT…PASS IT ON!


Our annual AUTHOR VISIT, this time by UK poet/illustrator Chris White, will happen in the library on Monday, October 17 for grades KG2-grade 5! Book order forms will be sent home Chris Whiteon Sunday, October 9 or they may be found here. Go to Chris’ website at http://www.veggievampire.com for more information about this energetic and creative poet!

In addition the Elementary School is wrapping up the Fall MAP testing. Once all make-up assessments are concluded this week, the staff will begin to analyze the information in order to set classroom enhancement goals. Each grade level will review and incorporate their students’ assessment information into plans for instruction and student learning opportunities. Individual student MAP information will be shared within the upcoming Parent Teacher Conferences in November.

One more reminder: Due to UAS Teacher Professional Development Days, students will not have school on Wednesday, October 19, and Thursday, October 20.


David Dorn, Elementary Principal


ES Principal’s Update: Week of October 3 – 6, 2016

Dear Elementary School Families,

This week is an exciting week at UAS Elementary School. The school will host the first peter-pan-poster-smallof two theatrical performances for our students for this school year. On Tuesday, October 4th, the students in grade 1 through grade 5 will be in the audience for “Peter Pan” presented by SK4 (information sent in an earlier blog post). This should be an exciting and fun time for all!

ASA Session 1: October 3rd – December 8th, 2016
Also beginning this week is the UAS ASA Program. The current season will continue through December 8th. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Hana, Elementary School Administrative Assistant, and she will direct your inquires to the correct person for assistance.

Recess Updates:
Ms. DeCardy has re-organized the ES recess structure. After observing and discussing the current playground/recess structures, Ms. DeCardy worked with UAS administrators, teaching assistants and other staff to restructure and increase the amount of supervision, train additional supervisors on proper student supervision techniques and is developing video communications for our students in order for them to comprehend the new recess/playground organization. Over the next few weeks the ES will be reviewing and redeveloping the physical structure of the ES Playground, recess activities to include both unstructured and structured play activities and ensure adequate recess equipment. Recess is an important time for our students to develop social relationships, experiment with play, embrace their creativity and take time away from the school’s academic day. Ms. DeCardy and I want to ensure the best possible environment and experiences for our students!

Parents on Campus:
As part of our security and safety on campus, please be sure to wear your UAS parent identification card when entering the campus. If you do not have a card, please go to the Business Office at UAS to have your card printed.

Elementary Parent Coffee:
Finally, reminders of the upcoming Parent Coffee to be hosted on Wednesday, October 12 at 6 p.m. to be held in the Multi Purpose Hall. Join the elementary administration for our first Parent Coffee of the school year!

Ski Trip Information Meeting and Registration
And, a reminder of the ES Ski Trip Information evening on Tuesday of this week at 6pm in the ES Library. Registration for the Grade 4-8 Spring Break Ski Trip is now open! In order to register, please complete the following:

  • Fill out the registration form
  • Submit a copy of the Pre-Trip Participation Agreement, Trip Participation Agreement, and UAS Waiver to Ms. Hana Malak in the ES Office – Click here to download these forms
  • Submit a copy of the first page of your child’s passport and residence visa (also to Ms. Hana in the ES Office)
  • Submit the 3,000dhs non-refundable deposit at the UAS Accounts desk

Deadline for registration is October 15.

Need more information? Don’t forget to come to the Parent/Student Information Session in the ES library at 6pm on Tuesday, October 4 or contact Ms. Larisa in the ES (lsharifi@uasdubai.ae) or Mr. Renzi in the MS (brenzi@uasdubai.ae).

Think snow!!

Thank you, as always, for the honor and privilege to serve your family and children…UAS is a great school due to your children!!


David Dorn
Elementary Principal