Apple Laptop Discount for UAS Until August 1, 2016

Dear UAS Parents of Students in Grades 5-9,

All students enrolled in grades 5 through 9 will be asked to bring an Apple MacBook and case on a daily basis, as part of their normal school supplies. Our Apple Education partner, Computer Direct Access (CDA), has worked with us to provide families with a discount for MacBook purchases. This discount is available for the entire UAS community though, not just students in grades 5 through 9.

All models of Apple laptop (MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro) and currently sold are acceptable for use at UAS if the hard drive/SSD drive is 256GB or greater. Parents may purchase a student MacBook directly from UAS’ Apple Education Partner, CDA, and receive an 8% discount. You may also choose to purchase from another vendor, but without the discount.

Parents may go to the below link between now and August 1, 2016 and choose from a number of UAS approved MacBook computers. Once the form has been filled out and registration is completed, parents will receive an email with a pro forma invoice. A secure payment gateway link to purchase the chosen MacBook will be sent. Students will be able to collect their new MacBook on student orientation day.

Please use the below link to pre-book an Apple MacBook of your choice from our partner CDA.

Technology has become an essential part of education across our world. UAS is committed to providing its students the tools necessary for them to be competitive in the ever-changing job markets. Apple MacBooks best suits the needs of our students and enable UAS to focus on teaching and student-centered learning instead of time having to learn how to use the technology.

If there are any questions, please refer to the UAS Website about the UAS BYOM Program. You may also contact BYOM about the program via email or visit the Technology website for information. Please bookmark for your future reference.

Andrew Torris

Michael Gilliland
Educational Technology Coordinator


Purchasing MacBook discount for UAS Students and Parents

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