2016/2017 Supply Lists and Future Dates!

As we are about to embark on our last day of school, we are already looking ahead and sharing important information for you about 2016/2017 supply lists and important dates for next school year. Save this information to plan your summer supply shopping and travel dates!

Important Dates

Sunday, August 28th: NEW Student Orientation 

We look forward to welcoming our new families to UAS. If your child has not attended UAS before, please join us on August 28th from 8am-10am for New Student Orientation.

Monday, August 29th: First Day of School for Students in KG2 – Grade 5

The first full day of school for students in grades KG2-5 will be on Monday, August 29th from 8am – 10am

Monday, August 29th: Early Childhood Orientation Day

Students in PreK, KG1 and KG2 may “drop in” on Monday, August 29th with their parents to meet their teachers and learn about the classroom with their parents. Parents AND students may come to school at anytime from 8-12. We ask that parents stay with their children in these grades during the “drop in” day to provide stability and support for their children.

Tuesday, August 30th/Wednesday, August 31st:  First Full Days of School for Students in PreK, KG1, KG2

When you come for orientation, your classroom teacher will give you a schedule for the rest of the week. Half of our early childhood students will have their first full day of school on Tuesday, August 30th and half will have their first full day on Wednesday, August 31st. Parents are welcome to bring their children to school and then let our young community of learners begin to bond with their new teacher and classmates.

Supply Lists 2016-2017

PreK Supply List 16-17

KG1 Supply List 16-17

KG2 Supply List 16-17

Grade 1 Supply List 16-17

Grade 2 Supply List 16-17

Grade 3 Supply List 16-17

Grade 4 Supply List 16-17

Grade 5 Supply List 16-17

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