Spring 2016 MAP Results Available on the Portal

Dear Universal American School Parents,

The results from the Spring 2016 Measures of Academic Progress assessment (MAP) are now available on the UAS portal for you to view and download. The Universal American School uses the MAP standardized test for elementary, middle and high school students in order to inform instruction in classroom and set goals for your children. UAS administered the test twice during this academic year; once in the fall and once in the spring.

The tests help the UAS educational professionals determine your child’s instructional level and measure academic growth throughout the school year, and from year to year in the areas of reading, mathematics, language usage, and science. A Normative Data chart is a part of your child’s scores, which shows the average (mean) RIT scores for your child, in comparison to the average for UAS students and all students who took the test worldwide.

A RIT score is a different type of measure as compared to a typical test that provides a percentage correct. The RIT score is an equal-interval scale, like feet and inches, which is independent of grade level and places students on a continuum of learning. MAP is not a class ranking system as it focuses all conversations on each student’s individual learning growth target.

You can find out more about the MAP tests and how to read the results from the following presentation:

MAP Parent Presentation Link:

In some cases a student’s RIT score may have gone down or their growth may be in the negative range from fall to spring testing. If this happened with your child please do not panic as this is a single snapshot of the child’s progress and cannot be considered as an indication of a lack of learning. Our guide here is the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA), which states, “Each assessment is only a snapshot at a single point in time. Negative growth does not necessarily mean a student is not learning, or that classroom instruction has not been effective, or that NWEA data is not reliable. Rather, negative growth allows for additional opportunities to change the way we discuss our students’ learning. Instead of ignoring these instances as anomalies or assigning blame for their results, we should recognize negative growth as an important element in the culture of data driven instruction. Simply put, for unexplained reasons student scores sometimes fall.”

Universal American School has put together an informational website that will provide you information on the MAP test, reading your child’s test results and answering most questions you may have. Links to other resources for parents are also available on this site:

Simone Sebban, UAS High School Principal
OB Sealey, UAS High School Assistant Principal
Patrick Hould, UAS Middle and Elementary School Principal
Beverly Kempley, UAS Middle School Assistant Principal
Amanda DeCardy, UAS Elementary Assistant Principal

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