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Apple Laptop Discount for UAS Until August 1, 2016

Dear UAS Parents of Students in Grades 5-9,

All students enrolled in grades 5 through 9 will be asked to bring an Apple MacBook and case on a daily basis, as part of their normal school supplies. Our Apple Education partner, Computer Direct Access (CDA), has worked with us to provide families with a discount for MacBook purchases. This discount is available for the entire UAS community though, not just students in grades 5 through 9.

All models of Apple laptop (MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro) and currently sold are acceptable for use at UAS if the hard drive/SSD drive is 256GB or greater. Parents may purchase a student MacBook directly from UAS’ Apple Education Partner, CDA, and receive an 8% discount. You may also choose to purchase from another vendor, but without the discount.

Parents may go to the below link between now and August 1, 2016 and choose from a number of UAS approved MacBook computers. Once the form has been filled out and registration is completed, parents will receive an email with a pro forma invoice. A secure payment gateway link to purchase the chosen MacBook will be sent. Students will be able to collect their new MacBook on student orientation day.

Please use the below link to pre-book an Apple MacBook of your choice from our partner CDA.


Technology has become an essential part of education across our world. UAS is committed to providing its students the tools necessary for them to be competitive in the ever-changing job markets. Apple MacBooks best suits the needs of our students and enable UAS to focus on teaching and student-centered learning instead of time having to learn how to use the technology.

If there are any questions, please refer to the UAS Website about the UAS BYOM Program. You may also contact BYOM about the program via email or visit the Technology website for information. Please bookmark for your future reference.

Andrew Torris

Michael Gilliland
Educational Technology Coordinator


Purchasing MacBook discount for UAS Students and Parents

End of Year Send Off Gift!

As a special farewell to all of our staff and families, the students of UAS Elementary created this gift for youOh the Places You’ll Go… is an iconic book by the famous Dr. Seuss and now by our famous elementary students! Be sure to watch right up until the end – it will inspire you!

Enjoy the video, cherish the words, giggle with us, say ‘until next time’ with us! For all of our families coming back, we can’t wait to learn about your summer and Oh! The Places You’ll Go! For our families heading into their next chapter, you will always have a home at UAS!

From all of us at UAS, we wish a safe, happy and healthy summer!

2016/2017 Supply Lists and Future Dates!

As we are about to embark on our last day of school, we are already looking ahead and sharing important information for you about 2016/2017 supply lists and important dates for next school year. Save this information to plan your summer supply shopping and travel dates!

Important Dates

Sunday, August 28th: NEW Student Orientation 

We look forward to welcoming our new families to UAS. If your child has not attended UAS before, please join us on August 28th from 8am-10am for New Student Orientation.

Monday, August 29th: First Day of School for Students in KG2 – Grade 5

The first full day of school for students in grades KG2-5 will be on Monday, August 29th from 8am – 10am

Monday, August 29th: Early Childhood Orientation Day

Students in PreK, KG1 and KG2 may “drop in” on Monday, August 29th with their parents to meet their teachers and learn about the classroom with their parents. Parents AND students may come to school at anytime from 8-12. We ask that parents stay with their children in these grades during the “drop in” day to provide stability and support for their children.

Tuesday, August 30th/Wednesday, August 31st:  First Full Days of School for Students in PreK, KG1, KG2

When you come for orientation, your classroom teacher will give you a schedule for the rest of the week. Half of our early childhood students will have their first full day of school on Tuesday, August 30th and half will have their first full day on Wednesday, August 31st. Parents are welcome to bring their children to school and then let our young community of learners begin to bond with their new teacher and classmates.

Supply Lists 2016-2017

PreK Supply List 16-17

KG1 Supply List 16-17

KG2 Supply List 16-17

Grade 1 Supply List 16-17

Grade 2 Supply List 16-17

Grade 3 Supply List 16-17

Grade 4 Supply List 16-17

Grade 5 Supply List 16-17

Spring 2016 MAP Results Available on the Portal

Dear Universal American School Parents,

The results from the Spring 2016 Measures of Academic Progress assessment (MAP) are now available on the UAS portal for you to view and download. The Universal American School uses the MAP standardized test for elementary, middle and high school students in order to inform instruction in classroom and set goals for your children. UAS administered the test twice during this academic year; once in the fall and once in the spring.

The tests help the UAS educational professionals determine your child’s instructional level and measure academic growth throughout the school year, and from year to year in the areas of reading, mathematics, language usage, and science. A Normative Data chart is a part of your child’s scores, which shows the average (mean) RIT scores for your child, in comparison to the average for UAS students and all students who took the test worldwide.

A RIT score is a different type of measure as compared to a typical test that provides a percentage correct. The RIT score is an equal-interval scale, like feet and inches, which is independent of grade level and places students on a continuum of learning. MAP is not a class ranking system as it focuses all conversations on each student’s individual learning growth target.

You can find out more about the MAP tests and how to read the results from the following presentation:

MAP Parent Presentation Link:

In some cases a student’s RIT score may have gone down or their growth may be in the negative range from fall to spring testing. If this happened with your child please do not panic as this is a single snapshot of the child’s progress and cannot be considered as an indication of a lack of learning. Our guide here is the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA), which states, “Each assessment is only a snapshot at a single point in time. Negative growth does not necessarily mean a student is not learning, or that classroom instruction has not been effective, or that NWEA data is not reliable. Rather, negative growth allows for additional opportunities to change the way we discuss our students’ learning. Instead of ignoring these instances as anomalies or assigning blame for their results, we should recognize negative growth as an important element in the culture of data driven instruction. Simply put, for unexplained reasons student scores sometimes fall.”

Universal American School has put together an informational website that will provide you information on the MAP test, reading your child’s test results and answering most questions you may have. Links to other resources for parents are also available on this site:

Simone Sebban, UAS High School Principal
OB Sealey, UAS High School Assistant Principal
Patrick Hould, UAS Middle and Elementary School Principal
Beverly Kempley, UAS Middle School Assistant Principal
Amanda DeCardy, UAS Elementary Assistant Principal

Yearbook Orders!

The 2016 edition of the UAS Yearbook is almost here. Don’t miss out! Copies will be limited.

You can pre-order your copy online by filling signing up for a yearbook on the UAS Portal or by filling in an order form from the front reception.

Screenshot 2016-06-15 20.04.26

Once you have made your order, simply pay for your Yearbook at the accounts department and show your receipt at the school store to collect your Yearbook before school gets out..

The cost is 200 AED per Yearbook.

Screenshot 2016-06-15 20.18.09

Sign Up Now for UAS Elementary Summer Camp!

UAS Summer Camp 2016!

UAS in association with StyxGulf Sports is excited to promote an exciting new opportunity for students aged 4-10 (KG1 – Grade 5). This summer, UAS will be offering a MULTI-ACTIVITY SUMMER CAMP.

The Summer Camp will run for 8 days from June 26 to July 4 and will be held exclusively at the UAS campus. Drop off and sign-in will be from 8.30 am. Pick up and sign-out will be at 12.45 pm.

The cost of the camp is 1000 AED and is payable to UAS accounts or at the registration booth in the main reception on 15 and 16 June. Attendance will only be accepted with proof of payment.

Activities being offered will include:


For enquiries, please contact:




“Moving on Up Day” a Success!

Transitions: Elementary Student Moving on Up Day!

KG1 Moving on Up

In UAS ES, we are focusing on supporting all of our students and families through their upcoming transitions. All students are transitioning this season. Some are moving away to experience a different part of this amazing world of ours and some are just moving down the hall to a new grade level. The bottom line is that transitions can create a mixture of joy, anticipation, a bit of trepidation and butterflies in the stomach. Adults and students alike are human – we like to know what lies ahead.

Our incredible counselors have been meeting with the students who will be moving school next year. The transition meetings have been celebrations where they work through the feelings that go along with moving and celebrate this chapter. For our returning students, they participated in our UAS Elementary Moving on Up Day!

KG2 Moving on Up

KG2 Moving on Up

During Moving on Up, students in grade PreK – Grade 5 visited the the classrooms they will be in next school year. Our grown up Pre K students sang songs with the KG1 teachers, our grade 1 mighty readers visited with with their grade 2 teachers and shared how principaled they can be. Our amazing grade 2 students, moved up to grade 3 and learned about how they will organize their inquiry work in Google Drive. Our grade 3 students moved up to grade 4 and, my oh my, they are very excited about camp for next year. Our grade 4 students visited the grade 5 classrooms and learned more about their new role as the leaders and role models for the elementary school. Finally, our grade 5 students visited with the middle school counselors to begin scheduling their first middle

Grade 4 Moving on Up

Grade 4 Moving on Up

school classes.

The excitement through the school during Moving on Up was inspriring. As we close down this year, it’s special gift to see more anticipation in the eyes of the students than trepidation. It’s almost summer, but we are all looking forward to Moving on Up next school year!


Grade 2 Moving on Up

Grade 2 Moving on Up

The UAS Spelling Bee!

Congratulations Spellers!Congratulations to grade 5 student Ali Khichi for earning the UAS Elementary Spelling Bee top award!

The school has been a buzz! The students have been eyeing the class winners in the a

hallways and giving them high fives for the great job they did in the UAS Spelling Bee. Watching a spelling bee can be a nailbiting experience. The participants studied so hard and it’s wonderful to see the other students recognizing their efforts!

Congratulations to all of our participants in grades 3-5 who took on this year’s UAS ES Spelling Bee! In the end, we had a few rise to
UAS Spellers 2016the top of their class and eventually to the top of the elementary school. Well done to our champions! We look forward to seeing even more spellers out there next year!

Grade Level Champions

Grade 3 Champion – Yafet Mekonnen 3EM
Grade 4 Champion – Neil Shah 4SD
Grade 5 Champion – Meraj Popal 5AG

Overall Spelling Bee Champion – Ali Khichi 5AB