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Grade 5 Camp Day 2 Update

The grade 5 students are well into their second day of camp with their teachers! A note from the teachers says they are having fun and are engaged in different team building activities and games. Day 1 was a success and Day 2 is well underway. We’re sharing a few of their learning experiences below. Thank you for giving your children the opportunity to flourish and thank you for your continued support!

Students will arrive back at school tomorrow around 2:30. Parents are welcome to take their children home once they arrive at school or parents may wait until the school day ends. Either way works beautifully!

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Grade 5 Camp Underway!

One of the rights of passage for our upper elementary students involves a structured camp experience under the guidance of our amazing teachers and counselors. We are happy to report that our Grade 5 students joyfully set off this morning amid a supportive group of parents, teachers, counselors and administration!

Please enjoy a few of the departing and arrival pics below. The students and staff have arrived safely at their destination and we’ll continue to celebrate their camp experience and learning during their time away!

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UAS Winter Camp for Elementary Students: Registration is Open!

UAS_Winter_Camp_FlyerThe Universal American School in association with StyxGulf Sports is excited to promote a new opportunity for students aged 4-10 (KG1-Gr. 5). This year, for the first time ever, UAS will be offering a MULTI-ACTIVITY WINTER CAMP.

The Winter Camp will run from December 19th–December 23rd and be held exclusively at the Universal American School campus. Drop off and sign-in will be from 8:15am-8:45am each day with activities running from 9am-1:30pm daily. Pick-up and sign out will be from 1:30pm-1:45pm each day.

The cost of the 5 day camp will be 850 AED and is payable to UAS accounts once registration has been completed online on the UAS Portal.

Activities being offered include:


For inquiries, please contact: