The Developing Child Center Partnership with UAS

We are pleased to inform our parent community about a partnership between Universal American School and The Developing Child Centre. For the 2nd year in a row, UAS is working with TDCC to provide occupational therapy for children in need of this additional support.

What is TDCC and What do they do?

TDCC specialists work in partnership with families to improve the academic/social/emotional and behavioral health of children. Designed to use positive IMG_7377language and to break the taboos associated with additional support, the program offers

easy access for families to specialist support within the school environment.

This program is optional for families and not all children need this type of additional
Over the next couple of days, an optional questionnaire will be sent home to parents. If you are interested in the program or if you have questions about TDCC, please contact our Early Childhood Coordinator, Ms. Crystal Hanna for further information.

I-Succeed Program Overview


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