Student Learning Assemblies Success!

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4-SD shares their learning about all things Halloween!

On Thursday, six of our grade levels shared their learning at their student organized
assemblies. Thank you to all of the parents who attended the assemblies and celebrate learning with their children. If you were unable to attend, we’ve included a few snippets from the presentations. Additionally, their are photos of the assemblies on our school Flickr account.

Keep your eye on our ES School Calendar for upcoming assembly dates!

KG2-SP: The students shared a song about their works with numbers. Notice the pictures in the background promoting a tactile approach by using shaving cream to write letters!


KG2-SD: Students became Scientists as they investigated pumpkins last month. Our little scientists measured the pumpkin, counted seeds and discovered all there was to learn! They ended their presentation with the following song :


1-CC: Students in Ms. Caine’s class are ending their Sound and Light Unit of Inquiry and decided to lead out on a flash mob about light. Nearly all grade 1 students were on their feet, dancing to the beat!


2-DO: Students in Mrs. O’Sullivan’s class learning about communities and careers in the PYP Unit of Inquiry about How We Organize Ourselves. The students dressed in their dream career attire which was reminiscent of a 1978 classic song.


3-EM: Students in Ms. Machacek’s class are learning about inventions in their current Unit of Inquiry about Where We are in Place and Time. As a class they made a digital book and shared their learning and the book at the assembly.


5-JH: Students in Mr. Hemstead’s class celebrated their achievements in literacy. 5JH READS! Each student shared how many books, how many pages and how many minutes they have read since the beginning of the year. Watch their video to find out how much that adds up to for the entire class!

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