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The Elementary Times – April 2015

The April edition of the Elementary Times is out!  This month, you will have three choices to view Screenshot 2015-04-27 21.09.03the newsletter. The first is via the school’s new ISSUU site which will allow you to view the newsletter online. The second version is via iBooks which is available to those of you with iOS devices or Macintosh computer. The third choice is via a downloadable PDF file. The second option is unique in our opinion because it contains video. Enjoy this month’s newsletter!


Please follow the directions below for each version:

Choice 1: View in ISSUU Online

Click on the following link:
UAS Elementary Times April 2015 on ISSUU

Choice 2: iBook Newsletter with Video

This option is available to those of you who have an iOS device and/or a Macintosh computer/laptop. Click on the following link in the iBooks store. You can view this multimedia version through your book app on your iOS device or MacBook.

 iBooks Version of the April Elementary Times

 Choice 3: Downloaded PDF file

Click on the following link:
UAS Elementary Times April 2015 in PDF

The Broadway Revue Highlights – Thank YOU!

On behalf of the community of Universal American School, we thank you Fine Arts Booster Club for your dedication to our community of learners. The countless hours of preparation led to a fantastic result where students, parents and teachers all walked away with their head held high and pride in their hearts. The journey of learning and the destination of the performances changed lives forever. This is because of you, the FABC of UAS Dubai. We are proud that you are members of OUR community!

Congratulations to all of our volunteers and performers!


Grade 1 Parent Appreciation Tea

Some may think that FABC is stealing the show this week and that may be true as the numerous performers deserve the praise, but we were also so pleased to see the Grade 1 students, teachers and parents come together today for a Parent Appreciation Tea. The children prepared two numbers to share with their parents and we witnessed tears of great pride during one of the songs in particular. Thank you to all of the grade 1 parents who came to school today to celebrate with your child. Please enjoy the performance by clicking on the video below and by accessing the numerous pictures we took of parents with their children.



Spring Conferences and Book Fair

Looking Ahead! We’ll See you Next week at UAS!

Student-Led Conferences are fast approaching this week! We see the students in classes finishing up presentations, reflecting and practicing what they will share with you. If you have not heard from your child’s classroom teacher already, you will hear from them soon about your scheduled date and time for the conference. Please check your scheduled conference time so that you may enjoy the entire conference period with your child. If you are not aware of the scheduled date and time, please contact your child’s teacher.

Spring Conferences

Wednesday, April 29th (afternoon only)

Thursday, April 30th (full day)

We are thrilled to also announce that the BookWorm Bookfair will take place during conferences in the Elementary Library. The fair will begin on Monday, April 27th at 10:30am and run through Thursday, April 30th @ noon. This is an excellent opportunity to load up on books prior to summer holiday!


Scorpion Weekly News – April 19 – 23, 2015

Ghada and Lynn anchor the latest edition of the Scorpion Weekly News! Watch to see information about:

  • A Bake Sale on April 21 (tomorrow!)
  • Earth Day Powerless Hour on April 22
  • ASA Session II

Also, see interviews with Ms. Beverly about new lunchtime guidelines and with Ms. Ghia about the upcoming FABC Broadway Revue!

Finally, help us celebrate the 19 birthdays we have in the elementary school this week!

Grade 4 and KG2 Celebrations

Thursday, April 16th was a big day at UAS as we had two very special activities. Grade 4 showcased their Ancient Artifacts Museum, where they articulately shared their learning through their own creations. Students articulated not only the purpose of the artifacts during ancient times, but also articulated how they evolved over time which made connections to how some of the artifacts are used today.

Our KG2 students also had a special morning at their KG2 Sports Day. Children, teachers, aides and even a few parents came out to cheer our youngest students on as they played, ran, jumped, balanced and laughed throughout the morning. A special shout out goes to the teachers for actively planning and chaperoning this event.

Please enjoy the two short movies below which highlight these special events!

 Grade 4 Ancient Artifacts Museum


KG2 Sports Day 

The Scorpion Weekly News: The Week of April 12 – 16th

Welcome back from what we hope was a restful holiday for all! The Scorpion Weekly News is back thankfully to keep us all informed and “in line”. Please watch this week’s news to gain insights about:

  • The Number of Weeks Left in School – Oh MY!
  • Aquathon Highlights
  • Hallway Etiquette
  • Classroom Shout Out – Highlighting Grade 2
  • The Number of Students in UAS ES with Birthday this Week!

FABC – The Broadway Revue Tickets Available Now!

pic138 cast members from the UAS community

…ages 5-65

…performing 14 numbers 

Buy your tickets starting today at the dedicated box office in the UAS reception! Get yours while you can! Price: 50dhs

FAB, The Broadway Revue
Wednesday April 22nd
Thursday April 23rd
at 6pm
in the UAS MPH theater

Promotional Video: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=694777643977789

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