Sharing the Grade 2 Musical Performance!

Congratulations to students, teachers and parents for making the Grade 2 Musical a success on Thursday! Countless hours were spent practicing at school, practicing at home and searching for costumes both near and far. I am sure that many friends and family will want to share the performance with others so we are making them available for you to download from the UAS YouTube Channel. Please follow the directions below the video to download the performance to share with your family and friends. Alternatively, you can simply share the URL:

Follow these directions to download the performance. 

  1. Go to in any browser to download and install the YouTube downloader tool.Screenshot 2014-12-16 14.56.54
  2. Once you have installed the tool into your browser quit your browser to finish the installation process.
  3. Reopen your browser and go to the Grade 2 Musical Performance on YouTube.
  4. At the bottom of the video, you will see a button that says Download. Select the version you want to download and keep the digital file on your computer forever. (We recommend an mp4 file.)

Screenshot 2015-02-21 13.02.02


3 thoughts on “Sharing the Grade 2 Musical Performance!

  1. Thank you Mr Z for the great show and thank you grade 2 for the wonderful performance!

    I really appreciate you sharing the video and taking the time to write the instructions. Looking forward for the next show!

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