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6th Grade Returns to UAS Today!

The 6th grade students and teachers have been “hard at work” enjoying their camp experience. The growth and indepence the students are gaining in the structured camp environment is priceless and will experience will be with them for many years. The busses are due back this afternoon before the end of the school day. Parents are welcome to pick their children up from school or send them on the school bus home as usual. Expect some very sleepy and proud children this evening!


6th Grade Camp Underway

Sand nor rain could keep our 6th graders away from an amazing camp experience. 6th grade students and their teachers made it out yesterday for their unique camp experience. The school has received regular updates from all of the chaperones about the wonderful real life learning experiences afforded to our students through this opportunity. We will endeavor to post pictures as we receive them and look forward to welcoming our 6th grade students back tomorrow so that we can hear about their experiences. Thank you for your support!

Scorpion Weekly News! Vaccinations and…

The Scorpion Weekly News for the week of February 22nd, 2015 is out! This week is full of informative information for both students AND parents. Please watch for more information from…

  • Dr. Amna and Lynn about the Elementary School Vaccinations on Feb. 24th
  • Ms. Judy’s 3rd Grade Class about Seatbelt Safety
  • Ms. Samantha’s KG2 Class demonstrating Knowledge of the PYP Learner Profile
  • The Grade 2 Musical and Sports Day highlights

Sharing the Grade 2 Musical Performance!

Congratulations to students, teachers and parents for making the Grade 2 Musical a success on Thursday! Countless hours were spent practicing at school, practicing at home and searching for costumes both near and far. I am sure that many friends and family will want to share the performance with others so we are making them available for you to download from the UAS YouTube Channel. Please follow the directions below the video to download the performance to share with your family and friends. Alternatively, you can simply share the URL:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0e39e8tprhA&feature=youtu.be

Follow these directions to download the performance. 

  1. Go to http://kwizzu.com in any browser to download and install the YouTube downloader tool.Screenshot 2014-12-16 14.56.54
  2. Once you have installed the tool into your browser quit your browser to finish the installation process.
  3. Reopen your browser and go to the Grade 2 Musical Performance on YouTube.
  4. At the bottom of the video, you will see a button that says Download. Select the version you want to download and keep the digital file on your computer forever. (We recommend an mp4 file.)

Screenshot 2015-02-21 13.02.02


4th Graders Returned Today!

Our 4th grade students and teachers enjoyed the evening with a night time wadi walk, star gazing and marshmallows by the campfire last night. Activities have ended for the day and they made their way back to UAS with a  2:30 (ish) arrival.  They will happily be on the bus home at 3:10 or will join you at that time if you pick them up from school. Expect to see some delightfully sleepy 4th graders this evening. Thank you for allowing your children to attend Camp 2015!



4th Grade Camp Underway!

The 4th Graders at UAS are doing well at Camp! All reports from the teachers with them indicate that the students are well, learning and bonding during this important rite of passage. Please enjoy a few pics of their adventures throughout the day.

Stay Tuned for More Pics Tomorrow!

UAS Grade 3-6 Sports Day!

Students in grades 3-6 celebrated their Sports Day today! Click on the link below to see a recap of this fun-filled community bonding day. A huge thank you goes out to our 11th grade students who helped to emcee and organize the day. They manned each station, inspiring and instructing our elementary students along the way. Stay tuned for more information about a Sports Day for our younger students in the elementary school.

2015 Sports Day Recap

KG2 Report Cards Available Online!

Dear Parents of KG2 Children,

Report cards are now available on the portal for KG2 parents to review withPortal your child. Please take the time to read over the report card with your child to reflect on their learning and to help them set new goals for this new term. Please feel free to read over the advice posted last week for parents about How to Talk to Your Child About Report Cards.

Please note that the report cards represent your child’s progress towards the end of the year standard for KG2. While a 3 indicates that your child is already meeting the standard, a 2 may indicate a developing progress for this time of year. A 1 on the report cards indicates that more work needs to be done from both school and home.

As parents, you are our partners in helping your child meet the standards and your involvement ensures they receive a well-balanced education. Please contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions. We welcome conversations before Spring Parent Teacher Conferences in April should you have any concerns. We look forward to the remainder of the year with your child and appreciate your support!


The Administrative Team


UAS Spring Break Day Camp Information Available!

Do you have any plans for Spring Break yet? If not, have your kids join us for the

UAS Spring Break Day Camp!

We guarantee a great week full of fun, drama, art, dance, music, and silliness!

Quick info:

Price: 1000 AED per camper or 800 AED per camper for siblings registered
Days: March 29 – April 2 (5 days)
Times: 9:00am – 2:00pm
Who: UAS students, Grades 2-6, opportunity for Secondary Student helpers (3 max)
Where: UAS
Deadline for Registration: March 11, 2015

The brochure and registration form are at the end of this post. They will also be available in the office and from Ms. Schuessler, Ms. Fox and Ms. Shaughnessy. Please submit the registration forms and payment to accounts under “Spring Break Day Camp.” Due to limited spots, register early to avoid disappointment.
We will be sending more information soon. If you have any questions, please contact us at cshaughnessy@uasdubai.ae, rfox@uasdubai.ae, kschuessler@uasdubai.ae

Screenshot 2015-02-16 10.20.22

Camp Registration 2015 in PDF

Camp Registration 2015 in DOC

Camp Brochure 2015

Talking with your Child about Semester 1 Report Cards

PortalThe second semester of the year is now underway. Report cards are available to parents via the UAS Parent Portal. If you have not done so, please take the time to login and view your child’s report card. Report cards time provides families the opportunity to celebrate and reflect on learnings from the first semester. Please review the helpful tips shown below and take this opportunity talk with your child about their report card and their learning.

Helpful Tips for Parents
Discussing Your Child’s Report Card

A report card is one way teachers communicate with parents and students. The report card is the teacher’s appraisal of the student’s work for the past grading period. The following tips may be helpful to parents in discussing a child’s report card with their child:
Meet privately with your child, without distractions.
Be sure you have enough time.
Your child deserves your attention without interruptions. Be sure you allow enough time for a relaxed discussion.
Start with a review of what the child has learned in each subject during the past grading period.
Ask your child to tell you about the activity in each subject. Talk about what the child has learned.
Ask your child to tell you how the report card grade was determined in each subject.
Tests? Homework? Reports? Class participation?
Ask your child to tell you if he/she is satisfied with the grade.
If not, what could the child do to improve the grade? Discuss concrete steps your child could take. How can parents help?
Review other indicators on the report card.
Teacher’s comments, number of absences, marks for effort, conduct, and attitude. Listen to your child’s explanation of each indicator.
Discuss your child’s goals for the next grading period.
Are the goals reasonable and challenging?
Help your child plan his or her next steps.
Should your child talk with the teacher to discuss concerns, explain new goals, or ask for the teacher’s suggestions? Are changes needed in your child’s study habits at home? Is your child interested in learning more about certain topics?
Discuss your next steps.
If your child is to talk with the teacher, will you discuss the meeting with your child afterwards? How will you help your child meet his/her goals? If your child is interested in learning more about certain topics, what can you do to help?
How about meeting with the teacher or sending the teacher a note?
As a result of your discussion with your child about his/her report card, do you have questions to ask the teacher? Do you now have information about your child that would be helpful to the teacher? Do you want to show your appreciation for the teacher’s work or just say “thanks?”
When praise is in order, let your child know you are proud of his or her efforts.
When changes must be made, let your child know that you will help. Leave the discussion with a firm understanding of everyone’s next steps.


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