First Week Wrap Up!

Dear Parents of Pupils in UAS Elementary,

Congratulations on a highly successful first week of school! You, your child(ren), and the faculty and staff at UAS Elementary combined efforts to get the 2014-2015 school year off to a great start. Thank you for your many contributions to an outstanding first week.

I will try to make this letter as brief, and practically helpful, as possible:Back-to-school-crayons

  • Please help your child remember “the hat rule.” In September and through October, children must wear a hat if they wish to play in the sun during recesses. Otherwise they will be allowed only to play in shaded areas.
  • A successful new morning drop-off procedure was begun this week using the Gate 2 entrance. Hundreds of parents were able to quickly let their child(ren) off at the curb and drive (carefully) on and out Gate 3. Even Elementary students (grade 3 and older) can easily make their way from that drop-off point to the close, and easily visible, Elementary play area. Dropping off only younger students, with no older students to guide them, should still be done through Gate 4.
  • Our distribution of Portal log-in information to parents this week did not go as well as we had planned. The e-mails to each parent were accurate, but many of the printed forms sent home with children contained errors. (Our computers much prefer electronic communications!) We are working to correct and replace the hard copy log-in forms. We encourage all parents to begin regularly checking the Portal by next week. Watch also for the monthly issue of the “Elementary Times,” sent as a link in an e-mail, which will be a great source for information about UAS Elementary.
  • Please mark Wednesday, September 24, on your calendars for the Elementary Back to School Night. The session times for each grade haven’t been worked out completely, but all elements will be completed between 5:00 and 8:00 pm. It is a great opportunity to hear from your child’s teachers about the plans for the first part of the year and to connect with the PTO and other school resources.

Knowing that at the end of this week more than 5% of the school year will already be behind us, I appeal for collaboration with a sense of growing urgency. To make the most of this year, please work closely with your child’s teachers. We might astound ourselves with what we can do together!

Best wishes,
Eric Webb

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