Unit 1: Good Readers Build Good Habits

We just finished our first unit in Reading Workshop!  The kids have settled nicely into the workshop routines.  Each day we read more and more to build our reading stamina.

We learned that good readers practice these good habits:

  • When we first start a book, we should take a sneak peek – look at the cover of the book, the title, and do a picture walk.  Then we ask ourselves…What will this book be mostly about?
  • When we finish a book, we check to see if our sneak peek (prediction) was correct.  We don’t start another book right away- we do one of the following things at the end:

We reread a favorite part.
Reread the entire story again to build fluency and comprehension.
We think back to all the events of the story.
We retell the story.

  • We read with our eyes (no longer using our fingers for tracking) so that we can scoop up words and be able to read in phrases.
  • We reread to build fluency and smooth out our voices.
  • We reread to see details we may have missed during the initial reading.

Please encourage your child to practice these strategies at home.

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