I learned that safety on airplanes and how there are slides and safety bars for a reason and I also learned that there are lights and a whistle on life jackets so you can catch attention, I even learned about facts about horses I learned that horses have 205 bones and that they can run shortly after birth, and I learned about different art I learned that art represents a culture and that they all have special meanings like for islamic art it represents peace and happiness.

I asked questions like, why do horses fur, and why did you pick this topic?

I didn’t like how people weren’t  reading everything , or not explaining clearly.

Land changes

We learned about land changes. Learning about land changes was really interesting for me. We learned about root wedging and ice wedging. We even learned about land falls!! And it we got to do so many different fun activities!h


Learning about advertisements were fun. It was fun because we learned that advertisements convince/persuade you to do something. And that not everything you see in an advertisement is real. I already knew that people make the price of their product. Like lets say that a toy was practically 600 dirhams. But they want to trick you to think its WAYYYY less. So they make the price, 599.

Check out more about advertising here!


UOI Unit 4

In UOI unit four we learned about energy. It was an amazing experience. I loved it because we got to do it 75% by ourselves! It was so exiting! I picked a very educational and unique topic. I decided to make a poster board. I finished JUST in time.


Unit 2 Reading Non-fiction

In reading unit 2, we learned how to read non-fiction well!

You can go to different pages because non-fiction never has a surprise at the end.

And you can make connections. You can even figure out the meaning of un-known words by using context clues like a challenge!

It was so much fun!   

Math unit 3

In math unit 3 we learned about prime and composite numbers. Most of the time even numbers are prime. But nine, isn’t.