Writing Persuasive Opinion Pieces 22/3/18

What is opinion writing? Opinion writing is when you are convincing the reader to do something. For Example: Why you should have dogs as pets. ( but you do not have to have dogs as pets.)

How is it different from other kinds of writing? (what is an opinion versus a fact?) An opinion is something you think a fact is something true.

What types of opinion writing did you do? (what you like to eat, do, favorite animal, why you should or should not do something, etc) I did why dogs are the best.

What was hard about opinion writing and what was easy (graphic organizer to learn how to write the different parts: Intro, thesis, body paragraphs – reasons + evidence, conclusion.) It was hard giving evidence it was easy writing the conclusion.

How did you persuade people? How is persuasive opinion writing different than just opinion writing? I persuaded people by giving positive facts. It is different because opinion writing is just you writing down but persuasive opinion writing is you persuading someone.

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