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Whats Going On In KG2 This Week!


Greetings Parents!

Here is the KG2 newsletter for the week. Week 7 Newsletter-2-2ceooep

Week 7 Newsletter-2-2ceow2r

Below  you can find IXL breakdowns and Youtube Videos to practice at home.

IXL Language:

If your student is still struggling with mastering letter names and sounds,

practice IXL Kindergarten Section A, B, D and H.

If your students have mastered letter names and sounds,

practice IXL Kindergarten Section H, J, K. L , M, and N.

IXL Math:

We are comparing groups of numbers. Practice with  IXL Math under section G

Write your numbers from 1- 20 every night.  Practice giving students a random number (5) and having them draw 5 pictures.

Here is a “comparing numbers” Youtube Video to watch with your kids.  After watching, give them 2 different numbers and have them tell you which is greater than, or less than. Practice as many times as possible.


Reading Words.

Below is an example of how to sound out CVC words. CVC stands for Constant Vowel Constant.  HERE is the playlist for all the 5 vowels.  You can practice with your Kids at home.


You can also go on to find more CVC and Comparing Numbers Worksheet Practice.

Please let me know if this helps!



Tolu Daramola

Color Words Assessment and Practice

Good morning!

The color word assessment was sent home this week. Color words are the first step in our “snap word” list. If you begin the practice of studying these words, the benefits include an  increase in students confidence in attempting to read a solid foundation in frequent used words. The forms sent home are the students Pre-Assessment. We will be practicing these words throughout the next few weeks. Please continue to practice at home.


How to Practice Color Words

Below are ways you can practice color words.

  1. Flash card games.  Simply cut out the words in cards and flash the cards as the child read the words. I click HERE to download a color word flash card sheet. Simply cut out the color words and show each of them to the student. Have the student read the word quickly.
  2.  Color Word Flashcards-1i06p5x
  3. Reading the colors in your environment.
  4. Reading Books with Color words… The Library is a great resource for these books. As a parent you are able to check out at least 5 books. Some color word books are (Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Mix It Up)
  5. Watching Youtube videos that have color words as a theme.


Parent Conference Sign Up

Parent Teacher Conferences

November 14 & 15, 2018

8:00 am – 4:00 pm

You can sign up using the UAS Parent Portal.  See instructions to book your appointment here.  If you are having technical problems please contact The booking system on the Parent Portal will close on Sunday, November 11 at 4:00pm. Please be sure to select your appointments by that time.

We kindly ask that you complete this Google Form (KG2)for each of your children in the Elementary school. This form will provide information to your child’s teachers in order to help them best meet your needs during these conferences

Week 2 of KG2 (Final Post )


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
B- Art 16 C- P.E. 17 A. Music   18 B. Art  19 C. P.E. 20
Learning Letter Sent Home

Library Day

Early Dismissal Back to School Night

3:45 – 4:15  o5:15-6:00pm

Click HERE for the link


Welcome to week 2 of KG2.

This week we have a Back to School Night where you get to know the KG2 program more in depth and discuss how to ensure your student is best supported in our program.

Please click on the link Here to find information on after-school care and the schedule for the night.

Thank you all for the parents who have signed up to Class Dojo. I will be transitioning our weekly and daily information to this tool.

Have an excellent evening.


Tolu Daramola

Information About Arabic

Good evening,

We have Arabic / English everyday. Please see this message from the Arabic Teachers.

Dear KG2 Parents , مَرحَـباً

Marhaba  and Welcome to a new school year . Your child will be learning Arabic with us , a language that represents an identity, history and culture in this part of the world besides being the mother tongue language in UAE and Dubai .


Ms. Neveen Refaat     Arabic as a Foreign Language


Ms. Marwa Shehatah    Arabic as a Foreign Language


Mr. Sherif ElTabbakh    Arabic for Native Speakers


We will be sending you a more detailed introductory letter soon!


Looking forward to a great year 🙂


KG2 Arabic Team





Welcome To KG2TD 2018 – 19


Welcome to the the KG2TD blog for Universal American School. My name is Tolu Daramola and it was a pleasure to meet many of you this past week during orientation.

This blog is used to communicate what type of learning we are doing in the class, upcoming events, and strategies for developing well-balanced students.

I am so excited to have the opportunity to teach your Child. They had a great orientation day and I am looking forward to seeing the whole class together on our official first day of Kindergarten 2!

If you need the KG2 Supply List Please Click Here:

Here is  your weekly schedule:

Weekday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Date 9-Sep-18 10-Sep-18 11-Sep-18 12-Sep-18 13-Sep-18
School Time 7:45 -3:00pm 7:45 -3:00pm 7:45 -2:00pm 7:45 -3:00pm No School
Special A- Music B-Art C-P.E. A- Music No School
Notes: First Day of KG2! Library Day Half-Day No School


See you Sunday!