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Greetings Parents!

Here is the KG2 newsletter for the week. Week 7 Newsletter-2-2ceooep

Week 7 Newsletter-2-2ceow2r

Below  you can find IXL breakdowns and Youtube Videos to practice at home.

IXL Language:

If your student is still struggling with mastering letter names and sounds,

practice IXL Kindergarten Section A, B, D and H.

If your students have mastered letter names and sounds,

practice IXL Kindergarten Section H, J, K. L , M, and N.

IXL Math:

We are comparing groups of numbers. Practice with  IXL Math under section G

Write your numbers from 1- 20 every night.  Practice giving students a random number (5) and having them draw 5 pictures.

Here is a “comparing numbers” Youtube Video to watch with your kids.  After watching, give them 2 different numbers and have them tell you which is greater than, or less than. Practice as many times as possible.


Reading Words.

Below is an example of how to sound out CVC words. CVC stands for Constant Vowel Constant.  HERE is the playlist for all the 5 vowels.  You can practice with your Kids at home.


You can also go on Education.com to find more CVC and Comparing Numbers Worksheet Practice.

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