Color Words Assessment and Practice

Good morning!

The color word assessment was sent home this week. Color words are the first step in our “snap word” list. If you begin the practice of studying these words, the benefits include an  increase in students confidence in attempting to read a solid foundation in frequent used words. The forms sent home are the students Pre-Assessment. We will be practicing these words throughout the next few weeks. Please continue to practice at home.


How to Practice Color Words

Below are ways you can practice color words.

  1. Flash card games.  Simply cut out the words in cards and flash the cards as the child read the words. I click HERE to download a color word flash card sheet. Simply cut out the color words and show each of them to the student. Have the student read the word quickly.
  2.  Color Word Flashcards-1i06p5x
  3. Reading the colors in your environment.
  4. Reading Books with Color words… The Library is a great resource for these books. As a parent you are able to check out at least 5 books. Some color word books are (Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Mix It Up)
  5. Watching Youtube videos that have color words as a theme.


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