A message from the 5th Grade Exhibition

Dear parents of lower elementary, we are fifth graders, Viola, Emma, Krishna, Daniel. We are currently working on our grade five exhibition. Our topic is water pollution. For our action, our group is doing a straw pledge, which is encouraging students not to use straws for a whole week. We our doing this as our action because plastic straws mainly end up in the ocean and animals will eat it, instead paper straws will decompose quicker so that the fish won’t eat it. Plastic takes thousands of years to decompose while paper straws will take a couple of weeks. Since the pre-k to kg-2 don’t buy from the cafeteria and they eat their own snacks in the classrooms, we would like you to get involved. We ask you parents if you could not let the kids bring juice pouches or juice which has a straw attached to it, since that is one of the ways to do our straw pledge. If your kid still brings a juice pouch, then we will provide them with natural paper straw which is a better alternative than plastic straws. Since most of the plastic ends up being thrown in the ocean and takes 1000 years to disintegrate, however paper straws will take only a couple of weeks to disintegrate. Thank you for reading and taking part in our straw pledge.

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