April 16th Updates

Dear parents,


Greetings!  Here are updates for this week



Thank you to these parents for volunteering during our Field Trips

Mehdi’s Mom, Charlie’s Mom, Amirali’s Mom, Sol’s Mom, Lea’s Mom  and Arsha’s Mom

and Special shout out to Gabriella’s Dad for stopping by to say hi during one of our trips! Without your help our trips would not have gone so smoothly for the class.

To the parents who were unable to attend but still checked in on our Instagram pages, liked pictures, and showed support, I am ever so grateful. To all my parents, thank you for being such  a supportive, kind, and flexible community!


Please note on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday KG2 students are dismissed at 3:00pm. On Tuesdays we dismiss students at 1:55. Please pick up your students promptly.


Due to Benchmark Testing, we will not be sending students homework. Please make sure they get enough sleep and are well rested for this weeks test.

Upcoming Conferences 

Student Conferences will take place April 25th and 26th. The kids are getting ready to show you everything they are able to do! Please make sure you sign up once the sheet goes live. If you would like to have a private conference with me regarding your students progress please send me an email.


Students are required to wear uniform each day. This includes navy blue, dresses, skorts, pants or plain navy blue tights and a UAS uniform top.  Thank you for your attention to this matter.






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