March 4th – March 8th is Literacy Week!

Good afternoon Minion Parents!

Happy International Day Part 2!

It was so awesome seeing so many families at the school fair!

From Sunday March 4th to March 8th UAS is celebrating Literacy Week with several activities to highlight students ability to read, and the love of books! Each day we have something special for our students. I have included the break down of each day. Click HERE: BOOK WEEK-24lfg6k

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On Sunday students can dress in T-shirts that have words on them. The shirts can be any color with any type of words, letters or print on it.  I have included examples of pictures below.

On Sunday we will also have an author visit our class. She will read some of her books to the kids. I have included the form in the blue folders this past Thursday. If you are interested in purchasing books from the author feel free to do so. This is not obligatory.



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