February 26th : Updated of this Week


  1. Monday : Arabian Wildlife Field Trip!
  2. Tuesday: Library Day: Please Bring Your Books!
  3. Wednesday:  Dress Up In National dress!
  4. Thursday:  Regular Day
  5. Saturday:  International Day

Good afternoon,

I hope this rainy day at home is full of joy. Though we are on campus for PD I must admit, school is no fun without the kids!

Tomorrow, we will be going to the Arabian Wildlife Field Trip in Sharjah. Students  need their water bottle, lunch, an extra snack and drink. We will leave jackets at school, so we have rain, make sure the kids wear long sleeves.

Wednesday is Dress Up Day for International Day. I was born in America, but my parents and sisters were born in Nigeria. So, I will be wearing Nigerian clothes! Please make sure your students come to school dressed in their nations clothes. If you don’t have any traditional clothing, simply wear the colors of your flag!

On Saturday, please join the school for its International Day fair! I will be in attendance. I hope to see you there.



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